Monday, August 17, 2009


(no, not with a SpeedDate applicant... and thanks to Kelly for your comment - there we go, it was never something I signed up for after all!!! :P )

Although I finally have internet access at my house (YEEHA!) I've been MIA from the internet world - not because I wanted my sexy(?) 70s pic to stay at the top of my blog - but because I had a hot date every night last week.

I developed a huge crush, and I think it's now love.

My hot dates involved a lot of time on the couch with the television and the first Underbelly series.

Meet my new boyfriend:

What on earth will my mother say!

I had no idea who he was - sorry never watched Blue Heelers - so I let google do the background work for me and last week all I wanted was my TV. Coz that's how I could see him daily. Of course!

There's something I love about a tattooed bad boy on TV - that hot bad ass on The OC, and now my 'Benji' -but I reckon if I saw them in the streets I'd run and hide!!!

And to put your mind at ease, I'm in love with the actor, not the character he played... Just in case you thought it was my life goal to be a gansta's gal! ;)


Last Thursday I read in our newspaper that a new club was opening on Friday. It looked GREAT and I really wanted to check it out but I knew I had no one that would go out with me. (Remember I have no friends that don't have a tribe of young kids!!!!!).

Friday morning I HAD to go... then I got over it by lunchtime and resigned myself to a Friday night alone with more television. But my boy Benji had been killed off Underbelly by this stage so it wasn't as appealing. I really really wanted to go out again. I went through all my phone contacts and tried whoever I thought may be keen. I was rejected. I nearly cried. "EFF THIS, I'm selling my business and moving to a city where I can have FRIENDS!".

I had one last person to contact who I knew is a social butterfly and BINGO, she was going to the opening. Just happens to be one of my newly aquired business mentors. ;)

This place was AWESOME! Oh and as the Thursday paper mentioned, which was part of my NEEDING to go, there just happened to be a special guest star for the Opening....

JUST GUESS WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon, c'mon... and guess who I got to see, meet, and touch as we sat side-by-side on the couch for a photo and a chat....



Kerry W said...

Oh...not fair!

KRISTIN said...

Yeah, tell us Selina! Pu-lease? And what is this new place and where?

Vicki said...

OMG He is divine, isn't he!! I have been madly in love since watching the entire Underbelly series on DVD in about 3 days earlier this year (I couldn't stop watching it once Benji was introduced lol)

Spartze said...

OMG are you serious......he was on that other new show the other week....the new cop one on channel 7....oohhh I am in lust ;)

Sue Heintze said...

I'm in love with him too, love his oh so sexy voice. He's more my age than yours :) LOL!! Lucky you getting to get up close and personal.