Monday, August 03, 2009

Boring Old Chook

That's what I am :) Got a bit of blogger's block happening...

Not alot going on in my world at all. Just work. And a bit of play. I had a networking event on Friday night. A few wines go a lot further than they used to.... oops. I'll say no more.

I've also become a groupie for our local team in the Queensland Basketball League - I love love love going down to watch. I never understood the girlies that would follow footy teams around and support every game, I hated footy. Hate the fights. Hate the culture. But the atmosphere at the basketball is amazing. Plus the fact my bro-in-law and sis are corporate sponsors (as he used to play for them) so we get box seats plus drinkies and food. ;) Our team have made the finals for the first time in ten years, so that's very exciting! haha - how sad do I sound!

I love living by myself, but find I've been getting so lonely! I need a pet rock or something :) I go home to mum and dad's all the time - like now- just for company! (Plus they have the internet teee hee hee - I still can't get it at home dammit). I watch heaps more TV now, I was never a TV person. Although I must have ADHD with sticking to one thing- I'm currently in the middle of the Harry Potter DVDs (although that's a weekend thing, they're long movies) ;), Sex & The City series, Gossip Girl series and Underbelly Series.

And I'm in the middle of no less than four books at the moment. Is that strange?!

Well... eat time, so over and out. Here's a few more pics from my first comp, just coz they're on this computer... ;)


Kristy said...

It is nice to live your own Selina, but I can understand the getting lonely thing. I seem to go through stages, but Jasper is a fantastic companion. A little more lively then a pet rock, but I think a rock would make a great pet. Cheap and very easy to look after :)

Kek said...

How about a kitty-cat? Not as dependent as a dog, but still good company. Someone to talk to anyway. LOL.

No internet? I think I'd shrivel up and die....

RaeC said...

I've been meaning to tell you for quite some time that you absolutely shine onstage, and so does Shan!!

I remember thinking when I saw you at comp, "Damn that ex-boy of hers must be kicking himself stupid about now!!" LOL!!

Love Rae xxx

Hilary said...

Sounds like you need a pet!! LOL!

I loved living on my own, but I did share it with Connor the cat - good company sometimes, especially if you get a noisy one like mine, who talks back!

Hilary xx

SeLiNa said...

A pet means I have to look after it and feed it. I can hardly look after myself!!
Which is why I liked the idea of a rock :P

Awww Rae - thanks girl :) It was great meeting you finally!