Friday, August 07, 2009


Three posts in a week, that's getting a bit much isn't it! ;)

Thanks guys for all your comments on my last entry - it certainly has been one hell of a year and I don't want the ride to stop! I hope if anyone else has gone through stuff like that, that you realise there is a happily ever after, after all. :)

After whinging that I get lonely at home, I have only been home once in the past eight nights! But I wan't alone - my sister came over for tea - her hubby is in New Zealand so she's a bit lost as well. On Wednesday night we were given premiere tickets to "The Ugly Truth" - it's a good movie! If you want a laugh, do it - my ribs were hurting and she nearly had her baby. It's a bit rude, but if you don't get offended by that, you'll like it.

I met the gorgeous Miss Hilde for tea this morning. I can't say coffee as we both had tea! For so long we've said we'll do it, but life just gets busy :) It was nice to catch up with her and chat about all our similar stuff - although she can run that marathon alone! She's running for a great cause, so I was more than happy to sponsor her. Rather you than me Hilde! Go girl. ;)

Condolences to Kerryn, Bike Boy and their three boys - thinking of you Kekky. {{HUGS}}

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend - I've got a crazy 70s party to go to - it's going to be hilarious - I'm wearing my mum's Engagement Dinner outfit from 1978. Why she still has it I have no idea - but in this case I'm happy she's a hoarder - I get a genuine outfit ;) Depending on how silly I look, I will post pics :)


Kek said...

Thanks luvvie - I appreciate your thoughts (even if you are a ditz who leaves her phone at home).


P.S. I demand pictures of the 70s outfit!

Kerry W said...

Hope you post those 70's pics...the sillier the better! :-)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

How fun to wear your Mom's old outfit. She must really be a saver of things.

Valley Girl said...

Ha! thats a long time to hang onto things but most keep their wedding dresses so why not the engagement one?

have fun & pleaseeeeeee post PICS!
Have fun, you might get yourself a new man in it (joke)
VG x