Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorting through the boxes of utter crap that followed me when I left home, I came across some old birthday cards. Lucky I bothered to read them, as I found some money in one!! Score!! How I mangaged to leave it in the card and not spend it straight up in the first place is beyond me! 6 months on, I'm $20 richer ;)

My bestie from the GC is here this weekend with her boyf. They get to be my first visitors, aren't they special. Although they were quite horrified to open my fridge - other than spices and a few veges, it's totally empty! Ha!

Have a nice weekend :) I've been looking forward to this one for a loooong time! It's always good to spend time with her and have someoe I can do stuff with, or just do nothing at all and still have fun!! :)))


Shar said...

Have a geat weekend Sel!
Shar x

Kerry W said...

No doubt you'll have some real fun Selina...enjoy!

ss2306 said...

Don't u just luv finding money? I often tuck a 50 somewhere in my purse and forget about it only to find it a couple of months later which excites the shit outta me.

Have a great weekend.