Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yep, it was Him!

In case my previous post wasn't obvious, after all my lusting over the TV during last week, I had heart palpitations when I read in the newspaper that my new boyfriend was going to be the special guest at the opening of the new nightclub.
I could meet him!!!!!!!!!!

And meet him I did :))))) He's quite small in 'real life' - just perfect for me ;) He was TOTALLY HOT, he had great dress sense, and............ I just wanted to jump on him. But I behaved like a lady :P

I felt like a total groupie getting a photo with him - but I wasn't the only one! So first I sat on the couch kinda below him and got a pic, then the other people moved (why thankyou very much!) and I got to sit up beside him and he introduced himself and we started the small talk stuff. (Which was what he was being paid to do, but I felt sooooo cool all the same). Our arms were touching we had to sit so close... my face was THAT close to his - you know how it is in a club with music! WOW! No one else was really hanging round by this point so I should have stayed and chatted................. but I was so scared I'd make a royal dick of myself by saying something dumb that I made a stupid excuse that I had to go! DANG! L-O-S-E-R. There really weren't that many people hanging around - either they weren't aware he was there, or they just didn't know much about him, or care! Anyway, I had the chance to speak to him so I felt special for just a little bit.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting the pictures. It was a random guy that offered to take them for me, and he did take a few. Get to the part where I give him my email address (which is my name and the last 2 digits of my birthyear) and he looks at me like I'm some pre-historic creature and says "is that when you were born???". Just kick me where it hurts. I thought he was about my age.... obviously not. At least I wouldn't have been too old for my Benji ;) Google says he's 38 ;) (And the best part............SINGLE!)

So to this day, I still haven't got the pics emailed through. :( I should have just said it was my favourite number.
So back down from my cloud and to reality...
Work is...............weird. I no longer have to get out of bed at stoopid o'clock, but without having a set appointment to get in there for, I'm a bit lost and don't yet have much structure. I'm so so busy still, I don't know how I fit it all in before. Why is it no matter how much we cut back to un-busy ourselves the days are still soooo damn full!
I've got 2 business mentors that are keeping me on track with all the things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, along with growing the business. It's good to have them - not just to be accountable to, but to give fresh and new ideas from an outsiders perspective. It's very exciting!
My lil bro went to NZ for a ski trip and got home a few days ago. Five days before he was due to return, he was glassed in a bar in Christchurch. He was very very lucky, had the d!ckhead that did it hit just a few centimetres in towards his nozzle, he could have lost his eye. He came home bruised and with stitches - so so so lucky. An off-duty ambulance officer witnessed it, so he was well looked after. My bro was taken to the police station and had to make a statement. There was a write-up in the NZ paper and all and the d!ckhead who did it is going to court soon.
My brother was an innocent by-stander, this has been backed up by all witnesses. IF this guy doesn't plead guilty (but as the police said - he'd be stupid not too, there were too many people that saw it), my bro will have to go back to NZ for the court case.
He's downplayed it all - he didn't even call to tell my parents as he knew they'd just panic. Which they would.
It's so scary though, you just don't know what losers are going to do with a few drinks in them. I'm all for the banning of glasses in pub and clubs - bring on the styrofoam!
Well I might go and re-watch some of the Underbelly episodes. Back to my dream-land. It's more fun there :)
(and for some STOOPID reason, blogger will not let me put spaces between my paragraphs although I've edited it FIVE times to do so. This control freak doesn't like it looking so damn cluttered. Time to turn puter off before it ends up broken...)


Jehanne said...

hahah - very cool!
argh - I know what you mean about the stoopid blogger playin up sometimes - it drives me mad too - I think you and I are very similar Selina! lol

Kristy said...

Wow that's so exciting Selina...

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had a very exciting weekend hanging out with TV stars!! I used to watch him when he was on Blue Heelers years ago :)

Thats so scary what happened to your little brother, hope he's ok and hope that guy who did it gets sent away for a long time.

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Dude. You need to go into the html tab for your post and edit there. Take out all the bits of code that look like this: < div >

Or this: < p >

Blogger won't play nice for me either, it gets confused when you upload a photo. I now do all my posts in the html tab...