Sunday, August 30, 2009

She's Gone Home :(

Back to being by myself. It was a short, but fun weekend. We had people over on Friday night, it was a great nite, we had to kick them out at 2am so we could go to bed!! I guess that's better than everyone leaving early coz it was boring!!!!!!

It was the most glorious day yesterday - we went for a drive to the beach before the restaurant we chose to go to opened for lunch. We never got there... sat at the Marina, had a few wines and four hours later went home! I can't believe it's still officially winter, the weather is amazing :) Love it love it love it!

We had a BBQ to go to last night at another friend's house, then did breakfast this morning before taking them to the airport. I've been moping with a case of the sads all day :(

Early nite tonite then the new week begins................. hope you all had a nice weekend.

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Kristy said...

What a lovely weekend Selina...