Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Runner in me is BAAACK!!

I really did miss competitive running this year - it just didn't fit in with all I had going on :) I missed all the other road runners, and my training partners.

I've gotten back into it the last few months, slowly. No plan, just took myself for a run. I've done two un-planned and winged-at-the-time speed sessions, but nothing to rave about. It's so disheartening being SO unfit (having so much time off with 2x surgeries); when a simple 5km hurts. But, gotta start somewhere again!

Been loving it the last few weeks, feeling the improvements and loving running in Brisbane and Noosa - I need the variety to keep chugging along.

Yesterday I braved it and did a speed session with some of the road runners. Was good to catch up - they were very intrigued as to what 'body-building' I did. Four were really fast boys, and 2 around my pace or slower. From having done hardly nothing to attempting this was silly really. BUT - sucker for punishment I am.

We did 4 x 500m efforts with a jog back to the start as recovery.

I recorded:
2:03 (yeees, second one shows I took off a little tooo excited for the first one!)

I was chuffed (and stuffed) with those times - how exciting! :)))

Finished off with a 1km smash and I somehow managed to pull out of nowhere a:

Oh.My.God. My fastest ever 1km was 4:13, which was within a 3km time trial 18months ago and after months of sprint training.

Where on earth did I pull that from. Maybe being a sloth for so long is a good thing?!

Loved the feeling of the burning in the gutz (will I see that banana again?), loved the feeling of the deadness in the legs like wearing concrete boots, loved the pain. LOVED IT! And don't my legs feel it today.

Pain oh how I have missed you! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those pics of your little niece are adorable Selina! I am sure you two will have a very special relationship :)

Kek said...

Yay for you!!

It's good to be excited about your training again. :o)