Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are SOOOO freaking cool!

I've got a really cool friend, previously from primary school, in my life at the moment, we caught up earlier this year after so many years with no contact and I'm so so so glad we 'found' each other again.

Our friendship has been rekindled and we spend a lot of time together because unfortunately she came out of a long term relationship about five weeks ago. I took her under my wing, as I said to her "Babe, you can tell me anything. Trust me, I know how you're feeling. I'll look after you" She's in the same 'category' as me - young-ish, single and wondering what happened to those childhood dreams of the Knight in Shining Armour!!!

I must have done an OK job as she said to me "You should be a counsellor". Real life experience is all it was though. I know how helpless and lost and lonely and sucky she felt, all I wanted to do was give an ear, and I hope in some small way I made things just a little bit better for her, and will keep doing.

So now I finally have a new best friend so similar to me, we've been inseparable! hee hee. She's my partner in crime, and it's great to have someone to do stuff with again :)

Dinner, movies, lunch, just hanging, it's really really fun! :) So today we decided to do a late lunch at the marina and hang around after it at the sports bar where everyone apparently goes on Sundays. No drinkies for us, on the hard water!

When we left in my little red rocket, some guys in a hotted up car drove beside us. I slowed so they'd get ahead... so they slowed. I went up to the speed limit, you guessed it, so did they, all the while giving us the thumbs up and signalling they wanted our numbers. They looked sooo young. We were pissing ourselves laughing wishing they'd get the hell away and do the freaking speed limit at least.

As they finally did we see the personalised number plate:


Which, judging by their egos, we think is meant to read ' so large'. Oh my god - to make matters worse there was a P Plate hanging off the back of the car! BAHAHAHA!! It was hilarious!!!

Least we know we can still pull a teenager if desperate!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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Ann said...

Thats beautiful - gotta make you feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!