Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Gone :(

Can't believe my fave day of the year is all over - and it went so fast!

This year was the first one ever for me that I woke up to an empty house with absolutely no one else. It felt a bit... weird?! I started at 5.15am with my traditional Christmas Day run - I know I say it every single year, but I always love to start Chrissy Day with a run - or, for a few years there, dad and I cycled. It sets me up well for the day, and what's to not love about being out in the sunshine at that time!

After fluffing around at home, I got to my mummy and daddys at 8am for breakfast and the present opening! I scored just what I asked for:
A George Foreman Steamer!! YAY!!
Some other house-y stuff
$$$$ from my parents;

$$ & Twilight DVD from my bro;

A framed picture of my little girl and $$ from my sis!
(do you reckon my family thinks I'm a bit broke!) ;)
And other bits and pieces - as you do.

By 9am, we were all done, and my bro and I were like "so what do we do?" Soooo down to the air-conditioned media room we went and watched Love Actually (love watching that movie at Christmas time as it's based around Christmas!!). How romantic - my bro and I... HA! At 9.30am we celebrated the day with our first drink...

Once my sis and bro-in-law came with the princess, the day revolved Miss Isabella's feed and sleep cycle, so we were in the pool before lunch, had a scrumptious seafood lunch, back in the pool with our drinkies for the arvo - just how I love spending Christmas Day!
My gift to her was the most gorgeous Little Miss Lorna Jane jumpsuit saying "Born 2 Win" on the front. I'm getting in early! ;)
I had a great day - hope you all had a special one with your families!

This is what I was doing all day!

My bro-in-law, my sis, my bro and me just chilling :)

On Boxing day having a rest with my lil girl - it's so hard being a bubby!

How cute is her Christmas Outfit!!!!!!!!!


Frankie said...

I got a George Foreman steamer too!! Maybe now kids will eat veges.

Leanne said...

Hey Selina, Merry Christmas, looks like you had a great day with your family!!!Nice & relaxing...just how it should be! Your niece is just gorgeous:-)

Anonymous said...

We were all geared up to swim but it rained :( Looked like you had a fab time xo

Shaboom said...

Hey spunky Selina!! Sounds like you had a great day and scored well with your pressies :) I loved your pics - you looked very chilled and relaxed. How cute are the little lorna jane baby jumpsuits! x

Valley Girl said...

sounds like you all had a relaxed chilled out day...

Little miss is so cute!

Bec said...

Your niece is soooo cute!!!! You look so comfortable with her. I hope you have a fabulous night tonight and I can't wait to see how much more fabulous your year is in 2010. xox