Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 - The HUGEST Year Of My LIFE!

Take me back one year today - 2nd January, 2009, and if you told me that I'd be where I am right now, doing what I'm doing right now, I would have peed myself laughing.

My goal for 2009 (as I just saw I blogged in December 2008) was to simply live each day like it's your last. This came after my friend Laura was killed in training ride one Saturday morning - you just never know when your last run/ride/drive could be your last.

I think I did that in 2009!


5th January I went back to work like any other day. Until I got a phone call. Rushed home to my bf of the time's house... only to walk out single. THE break-up - anyone who followed me back then knows alllll about it - every single detail was blogged, this was my diary. My boyf of 4 years had been doing the dirty on me for almost a year and I had no idea. Men can be damn good liars. It was the end of my life as I knew it...

Took off to my bestie on the Gold Coast for 10 days.

Back to work for a week.

Back to the GC for four days over the Australia Day weekend. (I'm very lucky my business doesn't need me to be there to function!)


Sick of moping, I MADE myself snap out of it - I lost so much weight. I had to set some goals - some HUGE goals. Contacted Liz who was coaching me already and asked she if she thought I could still step on stage (she planted the seed the year before and I said a big fat NO). Plan set in place.

Went to Bali for 11 nights with three awesome gals. Created new happy memories with special people - felt mentally fine about THE break-up, all of 6 weeks later :)

Was quite ill after Bali and on anti-biotics for a bit.


Threw myself into training and everything revolved around comp in May.

Had my 20th birthday - 2 of the gals I went to Bali with flew up and partied with me. (Ok, maybe I mean my 29th birthday) Cyclone came, so most people desserted my party, lost power at the place we were at, but had an awesome night all the same!

Got my 8th piercing - on the last day of being 28, which was 8 weeks after THE break-up.

Had an quick two nighter trip to Brisvegas to visit specialists.

Got a recurring kidney infection - NOT from drinking! LOL! (well I don't think anyway ;) ) Two rounds of anti-biotics and I was normal again.

Became reacquainted with a Primary School friend after years of lost contact. Spent a lot of time together last year :)


Totally busy with all things comp and work. Lost a staff-member, gained another.

Filex in Sydney - met Shannon, Casey, Fern and Vicki :) Caught up with Liz again and my-partner-in-wagging-crime - Kerryn.

The week after flew to Brisvegas with my mummy for some time with Jo Rogers. Bless her!


Long weekend - went on a road-trip to Townsville for a music festival. My 2 friends from the GC flew up to me here then we drove. So much fun going away 2 weeks out from comp. I didn't eat one thing I shouldn't have - cold chook and beans (limited facilities) was delicious as I watched them eat their nachos at a mexican restuarant.

My sister and bro-in-law announced their FINALLY pregnant! After 3 years of trying and fertility drugs, it happened!

17th May - INBA Brisbane Natural Physique Titles - 4th place novice division. I blogged about it here and here any many more times after... ;)

Photo shoot with Dallas Olsen the day after. I'm sure you've all seen enough of those pics!! ;)

Decided against competing at the ANB comp two weeks later, instead deciding to go to Melbourne in July for the All Females.

MOVED INTO MY UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Went to Brisbane for a weekend to see PINK!

Pushed on with comp prep for July....

And I'm over blogging my year for now. That's the first six months, I'll be back, with the following six months - it only got bigger! ;)


Nicole said...

hehe the first 6 months! You had such a busy year Miss Selina!! I can only hope that 2010 is everything that you hope it to be and more :) Nicole xx

Shar said...

WOW Sel! I love the recap and remember following everybit.

Look forward to your 2nd half re-cap and following your 2010.


Vicki said...

My goodness - it feels like yesterday reading about that stuff! And Filex doesn't feel like that long ago either!!
Ya know what I think? I so have to get my butt up to QLD to catch up with all the BB chickies SOON!! Well maybe after comps cos I think we so need to have a night out on the town...LOOK OUT!! haha
Hope 2010 brings you all things good and more babes xx

Anonymous said...

Holy f**k - are you only 20?????????????????

Loved reliving that! You have such an awesome AWESOME time ahead of you and you know it - I LOVE IT...

Anonymous said...

PS: I mean that in a good way (ie you being 20) I can't remember my early 20's it was that long ago ;) LOL

Anonymous said...