Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here She Is!

Little Miss was an angel yesterday! She didn't even flinch as the water was poured on her head three times :) Dad, Mum, Godmother & Godfather.
It was a SUCH nice day - everyone went back to mum and dad's house for a BBQ. We all took our swimmers to jump in the pool (perfect day for it!) but got busy chatting and the day was gone before we knew it :)
Thought I'd add in a pic of my other goddaughter - she's now five. How gorgeous is her costume for her Prep Halloween Disco!!!!!!!!!!!! And apparently she was a hit with the boys - her mum was worried when picking her up from school, one of the little boys yelled out "see you tonite at the disco!"

Mojo or not, made my lard ass go to the pool yesterday. Ignored my alarm for a run, then it was waaaay to hot, so when the pool opened at 8am a 1km swim it was!!
Today I was up and out at 5.30am for a 40 min run.
Slowly but surely I'll crawl back up :) I already feel soooo much better for it :)
Sometimes people say things that you already know, or should know, but to see or hear it again just makes everything click. Thanks Linda for this one about the ol' mojo:
"well no one says you have to be fired up all the time you just have to "do it!"


Anonymous said...

Well isn't your sister a seriously yummy mummy! Wearing sequins and a mini to church is not often done. LOVE IT!

You look great and I LOVE the pic of your little kitten too :)

I love that bit of advice from Linda too. My "lard arse" is leaving the building starting tomorrow. The studio/gym is finally almost complete :)

Vicki said...

Honey, you couldn't have a LARD ASS if you tried!!!
Great piccies - very cute :)
And re the mojo - we can't ALWAYS be pumped 100% of the time - the down times is what makes us appreciate when we are having awesome days!! As long as you don't use it as an excuse to completely drop off the bandwagon then you are doing fine babe :)

linda said...

lol- thanks for your comments about my comment. I've been thinking it was presumptious of me to say that - especially as you seem to work so hard! love the pics- she is a realy cutie! Suggestion- chain 'em both up til they're 25!!!

linda said...

I had to go back and look at the pics- thought rene had made a mistake about the yummy mummy- thought that was you !!! You and your sister could be twins!!!

Bec said...

You look awesome Selina, a yummy mummy and a yummy aunty :)

Both your god-daughters are gorgeous. So cute!!