Sunday, January 03, 2010

Continued..... ;)


Went through major crap at work - ready to sell up. A trainer who had me in tears, a lot, quit the day I flew to Melbourne for the All Females... just what I needed.

11th July - All Females in Melbourne!! Was well looked after by Kerryn - can never thank her enough for her hospitality, and hot water bottles (hey, I was FREEZING!!). Met for the first time Katie, Rae, Jeh, Jadey, Linda, Kate and hope I didn't forget anyone.... Had a ball on stage with Shannon and was very fortunate to come home with 3rd place in Intermediate. One of the few bloggity blogs on it is here.

22nd July - flew to Brisvegas for surgery. Kept this one a big (pun intended) secret!

Couldn't work as a PT anymore - 'retired' from my position.


Couldn't work, couldn't train, only thing I could do was eat. 5 kgs in 3 weeks ain't too bad hey? Although I knew 50-51kgs ain't FAT, try telling my image in the mirror that at the time.

Struggled with not working and no longer having set hours.

Got extremely lonely living by myself and with my mental state at the time went on a downward spiral of depression..........

Started partying heaps. Coz alcohol solves all your worries of course....

Bestie from GC came and visited for my 'house-warming' party!


Went on an overnighter with my mummy again to Brisvegas. :)

Finally clawed myself out of my crappiness. I met someone very very special who doesn't know but got me back on track. My bestie from here, just last week said her and my other friend were really worried... they felt like they didn't know me anymore; who was this new person. She said once I met him I was ME again. Wowsers. I didn't realise they thought/saw those things...

After recovery from surgery, got back into training and was ME again in that regard too!!

Some of my pics from my photo shoot with Dallas Olsen were used in Ultra Fit mag!


Hosted the most fun party for my clients at a swish bar/restaurant. Over 100 came through! WOOP! Was soooo much fun :)

Got my wisdom teeth taken out. Another few days off work. What a sucky operation... considering I'd never been under until this year, I'm an old hand now. :P

Went off to Melbourne for five nights. Had the best.time.ever. EVER!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!

Thought I better do about a week of work before taking off again... to Brisvegas to do din-dins and drinkies with Lyndsay, Shannon, Shelley, Jadey, Fern and Jeh. Then I went up to Noosa for 2 days before back to Brisbane and flying home.

BIG EXPENSIVE MONTH!! Surgery hits the pocket hard :P


Just as I was flying home from Brisbane, my bro-in-law called to say my sis was in early labour. Our little princess finally joined us on the 5th November!!

Got back into hardcore, make-me-spew run training. LOVE IT!!!

Bit more personal and work crap made me go MIA for a bit. Love my friends.xx

Went to Brisbane and GC for a night each for a friend's wedding!


Having missed training clients, went hardcore at work with new ideas. Oops... got a bit too excited...

Lots of Christmas catch-ups - I LOVE IT!!!

Fell more and more in love with my little girl :)

Got back in my good, happy, place!!!!!! Again. Can't keep me down :P

Had the bestest Christmas and New Year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Acutally didn't fly anywhere in December. Wow).

So that's my big 2009 in a nutshell. Holy crap. It was huge. Well... I always stick to what I say I'll do, and that was to live life to the fullest.

Amount of money saved in 2009 - ZERO!

Memories and experiences from 2009 - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not regret ONE thing!

Here's to 2010, I won't say bigger and better coz crap, I can't afford myself anymore!!!



Leanne said...

Wow you lead a busy life girl, congrats on all your achievements in 2009!!! Makes my life look very boring!! Lol! May 2010 bring you great things!!!

Lauren said...

Wow, what a year! Makes me dizzy just reading it! You have come through everything though and still have a positive outlook. Everything that has happened in the past year happened for a reason and has contributed in making you what you are today! Gosh, look out 2010 here comes Selina!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Glad to have you as a stalker Selina :) I might even have a question or two for you along the way!

LizN said...

Was so glad I could be part of your amazing year.

Shaboom said...

What a year Selina!! You certainly live life to the fullest. Love it! So happy to have met you and shared the comp stage together, had a ball. I know 2010 is going to be another awesome year for you!!! xx

Jehanne said...

Hahah - and I thought I had a huge year ;)

Valley Girl said...

Wow I am puffed just reading that lol...

I hope this yr brings you someone extra special if you dont already have one as you so deserve a good (decent) male...

all the best...