Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm going to be a mother

Tomorrow. A godmother. :)

It's Miss Isabella's Christening and my sister asked me, quite casually, if I'd like to be godmother. My response was "well I'd be offended if I wasn't!" hee hee

My brother came in with "I thought godmother's were supposed to be positive role models..."

No comment.


Other stuff - struggling on all fronts to get my head in the game, and I don't like it. I've never been so unmotivated and uninspired in my whole entire life. I always train, it's like cleaning my teeth... I need to get my sh!t sorted - if anyone has some not-required mojo, please telepathically transfer it my way.

Struggling at work as well, usually beginning of the year I'm on fire. I do have some different stuff happening though - Monday is the start of a Community Health Challenge that I'm the trainer for - a group of high profile locals, including the mayor and the deputy-mayor are starting a six week challenge. Radio & newspaper are covering it, so fingers crossed I can help them get great results.

I had a new client today who has Spina Bifida. He's an elite athlete - plays wheelchair basketball for Australia in Juniors, such an inspiring kid.

Makes me realise I have nothing to complain about. His attitude is just amazing. I was really drawn to him.


My bestie from the GC was here last weekend. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like poo this week, whenever she leaves me I feel so down.

I picked up my new beast too!! Must get some pics this weekend. Max is his name and he's HOT! I sadly have to part with my loyal, other best friend of 10 years - my lil red car. I feel like such a traitor - it's never done any wrong by me :( I hope the person who's bought it loves it aand looks after it as much as me :)

Is it sad to be so attached to a car???


Miss Tank said...

gorgeous - I cried when i sold my last car - you are normal

AND - mojo's can be mofo's at times...i lost mine for a little while in 2009, but it found me and bit me will come back - it loves you but needs a rest too ;)

come visit brissy xx

Kerry W said...

Hey Selina

I remember when I sold my bomb of a Toyota. I didn't look back and felt guilty was so good to me. :(

And then when I had my wonderful Mitsubishi Lancer and had to part with it before I became a mother (financial decision), I cried for a long time. I still don't have a car yet, but I will one day.

Anyway...sorry no mojo words for you. Hope you're feeling back on track soon. :)

Dianna Broeren said... heart just skipped a beat!

linda said...

Well selina- we have a very old 'not going' toyota quietly rusting away cos I couldn't bear to part with her. My little green bubble (mazda 121) which I had for 17 years is now with my daughter while I have a new mazda. NO ONE is going to sell my bubble!!!!! Now.....I think hanging onto two fairly derelict cars is sad!!! lol
and as for mojo- well no one says you have to be fired up all the time you just have to "do it!"

Debstar said...

I love my car so much that my hubby of 30 years, who also paid for it, will ask for my permission before he drives it.