Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a Year!

It was a great one in many different areas :)

In January I set the following:


To take the studios to a new level. TICK
To cut back my hours – realistically I cannot work 14hour days forever. TICK!
To take more time out. TICK as above.
To implement some different training sessions I’ve been working on. TICK!


Smash my running PB'S. TICK
To do my first triathlon!! TICK
To get my shoulder sorted out for good. TICK
To respect my body, feed it nutritious fuel, and it will perform better and stronger TICK

What an awesome year!!! That would have to be the first time I have ever achieved all my goals that I set to do!

So for 2009....

Professional - few things on the agenda; including cutting back training hours to concentrate more in the managing of the business! It's currently 2 full-time jobs. Having a business is a never-ending responsibility, and one can only hope for continual growth as well, so that's the goal!

About 6 months ago I set the goal for my first marathon in July 2009. It's still in my head but I'm not quite sure if I will go through with it... (don't tell my training partners!). I had a massive year of running last year, full-on training and competing, so I'm keen to take it a bit easier, like halves instead of full marathons will be fine thanks ;) That goal is pending - watch this space ;)

Triathlon - I do not want to embarass myself with my lack of swimming skills again! But I will promise myself right here and now, when an event is announced in memory of Laura, I will definitely be in that one. (as long as the swim is not in the ocean!). I did get all excited seeing all the events Liz is planning to do in 2009 though. That competitive spark in me is still firing!

To drop more body fat so I can see my muscles - and keep them growing :)
To live life like its your last day - deep and meaningful explanation coming up -

One of the most tragic things that I experienced this year was Laura's death. I have been fortunate in my life that, apart from when my grandpa died when I was 14, no one extremely close has passed away. I've been touched by friends and other people's sadness and been to many funerals when their loved ones have died, so I can only imagine the pain they're going through. I've never had to say good-bye to someone so like myself - age, interests, personality. It hit so bloody hard. After going back to work after Laura's memorial service I thought "what the hell am I doing here". The little office tasks that were so important before felt so insignificant. In the overall scheme of things, it means nothing. If I was the one taken what would those tasks matter now? And I could be taken the same way next time I go cycling. Who knows? Why do I stress over what at the end of the day, is unimportant? My whole view felt like it shifted. Of course this stuff still needs attention, but ALL of it?

So much to the disgust of everyone around me ;), my excuse for everything is "you only live once!". I'm not planning on throwing myself out of a plane just yet, but trying to LIVE more!! My sis and I and our other halves were planning a weekend away at the reef, which happened to be only 2 weeks after I returned from the Gold Coast. The little voice said "but you've just gotten back, you can't go away again!!". Who bloody says!??!?! "You should really be saving money". It's only money and one weekend, who cares!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!

Jeh's mentioned The Bucket List movie before - that's a classic example, why wait till you're dying to start to LIVE and do the things you've always wanted? Within reason of course - I'm not flying first class around the world but we all work bloody hard for our money, we should take more time out to enjoy it (where and when possible).

So that's my 2008 done - and didn't it go soooo damn fast.

Here's to 2009 - and at the risk of sounding like a broken record:


Gorgeous picture courtesy of my sis' honeymoon photos in Tahiti.


gypsy77 said...

Hey Selina!!!!

What a great post! Thankyou for your beautiful words!

When Laura past away, I wanted to leave you a message, but I wasn't sure what to say to you. Then, my son got so, so sick and I appeciate your kind comments!

I havent posted for a while, but I will update soon. He is going so well, getting stonger everyday! This whole thing has taught me so many life lessons. I, like you, had never really experienced death so close.
I am a different person now.

Here's to a fantastic 2009...keep up the great running!!!!!!!!!

Bec xxxxxxx

little rene said...

Great post Selina!

I hve felt the same way ever since I got pregnat with Maya. The cycle of life is a poignant reminder that we are here for a short time and we had bloody well make it worth it! In some ways I now feel like I live more for her than myself.

Anyway good on you for living life to the fullest every day. I am right beside you girl! Bring on 2009!

Cherub said...

You achieved heaps in 2008, here's to 2009 - and really living it.

Kristy said...

Happy New Year Selina and a great post.

Like you I am very lucky to not have been touched directly by death.

Have a great 2009.