Thursday, December 18, 2008


Now the countdown's getting little :P

Weight: up .8 - we're playing see-saw are we?!

Managed to get everything done yesterday including RPM and chest/shoulder training. I even had a unplanned last minute chat with a trainer who's looking for work - all very exciting, she's keen as, and we're really needing a 4th team member.

Mum's b'day yesterday so dinner last night was Thai - unplanned but I chose the bestest stuff and it was gooood. No doubt the evil scales will be right back where they belong tomorrow...

Hanging for the weekend - was even contemplating chucking a sickie tomorrow, but conscience has already got the better of me! Can't wait to relax with my boy; we hardly see each other anymore as he works out of town. We're planning a date night - the movies and much to his disgust, I want to do a drive-by of some of the houses with Christmas lights on display. (I really am a big kid when it comes to Christmas). That's the plan anyway... usually we both fall in a head and are in bed by 9pm on Fridays! Old codgers aren't we :P

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