Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Scale weight - up 1kg from Friday.

Care factor - zero.

Had a massively busy weekend - my boy had his cousin up from Brisvegas and I'd never met her before so it was a BBQ Friday night. I did the Christmas shopping thang with my sis (and NO dammit, I'm still not finished), then I had an 11.30am appointment for a 'make-up lesson'. I've never had my make-up professionally done (except for when I've been a bridesmaid), and never had colours matched properly. The colours she mixed and matched looked hot! (in my eyes anyway) ;) The cost was fully redeemable for products, so spend up I did. Now to see if I can re-create the look on myself...

Saturday nite was our 'unofficial' staff party - we took out my boy's cousin and her friend, so I told my 2 staff to come along for a few drinks. They also happened to ask every client they came into contact with after we arranged it! It was fun having a few drinkies with them, and letting them see us as humans! Late night that one ended up.

Sunday I had our annual Christmas lunch with my 2 best friends - without their kids - much to their delight. Sunday nite was a BBQ at mum's for her birthday!

So it was a big weekend of stuff on for me. I ate well, I drank well, I had a ball, and I'll get that scale back down in no time :)

Only 6 more work days till a 10 day break. I so so sooooooo need it.

And only 9 more sleeps till Santa's here!!!

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