Monday, December 29, 2008

It's All over for 2008 :(

We had an awesome Christmas. Ate well, and drank well. I was at mum's house all day so no harm was done. I started with my traditional early morning run, it always sets me up well for the day. Came across a little snake all curled up - that was a nice 'surprise'. It is the season for them too though! We spent time in the pool, had various visitors, it was a great day :)

Some of the things I scored:
Blingy earrings
Blingy watch - I picked all those things out. A girl needs her bling! ;)
$$$ for my many trips this year!
LJ Gym Bag
Myer gift voucher for when I'm on hols
Clutch bag
Kate Moss perfume
A lamp!

I did good :)

Round the pool :)

Only a few hours later - my sis and I crashed while watching a DVD. Can't have been too good ;)

Boxing day I went to my grandparents beach house - it's always relaxing down there.

Gym Saturday in attempt to make a dent in the damage I caused!

Saturday night I had to take my cousin and his gf from Brisbane out. We did dinner (which conveniently had happy hour cocktails...) and I don't think I need to say anymore. Nothing that a stint in rehab won't fix.

So I'm feeling like the michelin man, but nothing that cleaning up my act won't fix so no point wallowing.

I'd like to see that nice number on the scales again before I go away in 14 more sleeps to the Gold Coast :) I'm heading up to Brisbane on the Wednesday for a session with the boss lady, Liz. I'm a little scared :)

My best friend is bringing her three kidlets over for a swim now, so I'm off to play godmother!!!


Kek said...

Glad you had a good one.... Happy New Year to you!


Hilary said...

Sounds like a fabulous day, you did good!

Let me know if you'll have time to catch up while you're in Brissie/Gold Coast.

Hope you have a great new years!

Hilary xx