Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Down Down Down Down....

I'm on my pre-Christmas blitz. Since I pulled my finger out a few months back my weight has dropped from 53.8kgs over winter - might I add a very uncomfortable 53.8kgs. Remember I'm vertically challenged. That's with all the half marathon training - hey if I worked it off it meant I could eat more right...? Not quite...

The day before I left for my boy's Christmas Party I acheived my goal of sub 50 - sneaking in at 49.8kgs. YEEEHA! Since then it's crept back up with the indulgences as well as going 10 straight days of no cardio. Isn't that disgusting. I was busy, OK?! :P

Back to scheduled programming this week and this is what's happened:
Monday weight: 50.8kgs
Tuesday weight: 50.4kgs
Today: 50.0kgs.

Bring on the naughty forties again!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEHA! I'll be logging daily to keep myself accountable... if I slip up you all have permission for a virtual butt-kicking :P

I know there's some good muscle happening in there as well. I was a smarty pants last week and just 'had' to test myself with chin-ups. I really had no idea of how many I could do. There was 2 other people in the gym - enough to try hard so I don't look like a sook, but not too many to look like a doofus in front of if I fail miserably!!! LOL! See I had it all planned ;)

Started, pumped them out, got to 10! YEEHA!
Had a rest did another set of 8. Had a rest did another set of 6.

I was so excited! I never knew if I could properly do any, let alone many. My god I knew about it the next day, especially in my abba dabbas :)

Stronger, yet smaller than I've ever been! YAY! I would never have achieved so many of these good things without my boss. I need the accountability just as much as my clients need it. I'm training with purpose and to not let someone else down. And look what it's done for me!!! :)))


Reading Jeh's post about the compliments she's been receiving lately, and rightly so, reminded me of a few things that have been said to me lately. Call me a boast but more than anything I'm stoked that others can see the result of my bloody hard work.

I have a gorgeous little client who trains 4x per week - he's a machine - once a chubba now a buffster. His friends are jealous of his chest (and he loves to take his shirt off, rightly so!). I was in a singlet, as opposed to polo and pants, and he was chatting to me as I was tying my hair back. (Has anyone seen how good your biceps look as you're tying back your hair? lol) He wasn't talking to me... he was talking to my arms. hee hee. "Some big guns you got there! You can't tell under your uniform." I told him I was trying to keep up with him ;) He proceeded with "you don't want to get any bigger though, that's just right for a girl...". Why thanks for your concern Jayden!!! LoL

I trained 3 ladies in the park so again had my casual uniform on. I was told a few days later that one of them wanted my arms, the other wanted my legs. LOL. My legs that I've always disliked for being too chunky; someone likes them! My golly gosh. Maybe they aren't that bad after all :P

Although I've always trained, I know I'm looking like it now :) Just to work on that tan... ;)


And speaking of tans, I'm donating my body tonight for a spray tan! My IPL chick also does spray tanning and she's training her staff and needs bodies to colour in. Pick me pick me!!! I have some good friends :)


Today is a memorial service for Laura. A LOT of people are going to be there, it's going to be extremely sad, but a great celebration of her life and the zest she had for it.

Enjoy hump day peoples.

ONLY 15 more sleeps till Santa's here!!!!!!!!!!


little rene said...

I am a shorty too Selina at 156cms. Can I ask how tall you are?

Great to hear that you are going so well. Good on you :)

Gillian said...

You must look absolutely tiny and toned!! Well done Selina, consistency and good food really does pay off in the end. Have a great Xmas.


Jehanne said...

yeh ha - bring on the compliments huh - dont be bashful about it - I strut around in my racer back singlet all the tiome now - it shows better definition... haha
But I wont stand too close to Miss Rae - she has the muscle density that I am aiming to achieve - one hot chicky that one....
sheeze - I am 159cm and weigh 57kg, you must be itsy bitsy teeney weeney girl!

Hilary said...

Sounds like you are absolutely rockin it with your training!

You must be feeling awesome after those lovely compliments!

Hilary xx

LizN said...

Yeah, she's a pocket rocket!

Lyndsay said...

You sound so happy and you deserve it all!! Go YOU!!