Monday, December 08, 2008

Star Mackay Athlete Killed in Cycling Accident

Newspaper report is here.

Still a little shocked at what's happened this weekend. It's another sad wake-up call to live each day like it's your last, because you just never know what's around the corner. My prayers and thoughts are with her family as they travel home. No parent should have to go through a tradegy like that. A memorial event in her name will be the best way to honour her memory.


Jehanne said...

I am so sorry to hear that - I have heard of a couple of accidents like that lately - its sooooo sad - someone so fit, full of life and energy, taken in their prime... My thoughts are with you and her family - it must be something so hard to get a grasp on it actually being real...

Kek said...

So sorry darls.... it's always such a shock when someone so young dies so suddenly (and needlessly...)