Monday, December 22, 2008

Three Sleeps to go...

Can't ruin the pattern and not blog tonite! Only three more sleeps till Santa's here :) I survived my mega day - which didn't end up being that bad after all. Or maybe it was just the Christmas shirt, earrings and reindeer antlers I had on all day. Much to the other trainer's disgust. He wouldn't even wear his Santa hat. What a grinch ;)

Thanks guys for the nice comments on my pics, if I had taken it seriously maybe there'd be some really good ones :) And errr hello to anyone who may have come via the link on Liz's blog ;)

I'm outtie, early to bed, early to rise!


linda said...

Selina- just seen your pics- you look really great! Well done- lots of work gone into that!
Have a lovely Christmas-

Jehanne said...

looking smokin' hot Selina!!!!!!

RaeC said...

You're looking awesome Selina... we might make a Figure girl of you yet!! LOL!! Have a great Christmas hon xxx

Hilary said...

Wow you are looking AMAZING!!!! Those pics are fantastic, you've inspired big time!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, only one more sleep now... !

Hilary xx