Sunday, December 21, 2008

FOUR more sleeps :)

I've been receiving gifts from clients, and they all happen to be food gifts. And I happen to eat them all ;) Home made banana bread, rum balls, mini fruit mince pies, and all that other stuff, I've received it. Shame is, I love that stuff, of course I want it! I just don't like what it does to me :P Scales were a bit wobbly - Friday's weight stayed the same, Saturday dropped .2. I'm only .6 above the lowest I hit last week, but I don't care! I'm certainly not depriving myself, quite the opposite ;), but still training hard to minimise the damage!
My boy and I took some fun training pics on Saturday morning! I had another spray tan (yes tanorexic I've become!) and thought we'd have a play around - inspired by the other hot training pics some of the girls have done recently.
My very minimal make-up was done in 5 mins, if that, zero effort was made with the hair; and I'd had a day full of the aforementioned food the day prior. Yes I'm trying to pose, yes I'm trying to look 'sexy' but natural (lol), and YES I look like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!! You can look, but can't laugh!! Miss Lyndsay has explained to me how to pose, but I can't get it. Figure girl I am NOT!! hee hee

And that's with the darkest spray tan...

Still waking up maybe?! LoL!

And gee didn't we do well with the lighting round the pool!

But anyway, that's the current ME :) I've got heaps I want to improve, especially getting the body fat down - my legs and butt lag a bit... :) (notice there's no back shots!! hee hee, actually we didn't even take any!)

And for good measure... here's my big chunk of a boy ;)

And I thought I needed a tan!! LOL!!! He looks good (well maybe I'm biased!!!!) considering he was only playing photographer till I said he had to have a go too! He's never posed before but he looks way more of a 'natural' than me!! :P


I finally finished my Christmas shopping!! It wasn't fun being one of the last minute people, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I have no chance of getting near a shopping centre this week, so it's a relief to be done.

Usually I have an easy run into Christmas with work; start getting into holiday mode early. Not this week, the next three days my other trainer and I are getting SMASHED! The third one has the week off - so taking her clients as well as fitting 5 days into 3 means I've got a MASSIVE day tomorrow, I'm scared! :P At least all the clients know that consistency is the key - just because it's holidays doesn't mean your fitness and health need a holiday :) It's the best Christmas present you can give yourself.

So only three more working days for me, then 10 days off. I will totally need it by then! The other trainer is back and she's keen to cover the following week. We're a good team. I left them Christmas pressies on Friday and I got the nicest text - "Did I ever tell you you're the most awesome boss. Thanks for the card and the gift, Merry Christmas to you and your family". Awww I felt special :)

Anywho, I'm tired, gotta be mentally prepared for the onslaught, so to dreamland I go!!

Have a very special week!!


Shar said...

Looking HHHHot!!!
You ar so funny, I'm counting sleeps I love it!! Wait til you have kids you will be going crazy!! or crazier!

Shar x

Pip said...

HAHAHA! Counting sleeps, I do that too! I'm just looking forward to 4 days in a row off work!

You are looking HOT HOT HOT! Awesome job on the training!


little rene said...

You look FANTASTIC Selina! Congratulations!

Isn't it amazing how body composition can differ? Considering we are pretty much the same height, your body looks SO different to mine! You look like you have quite a long torso where as mine is almost non existent!

I don't know what there is not to like about those legs either girl. They look pretty good to me!

Have a great Christmas xxx

ss2306 said...

Looking good girlfriend. You look awesome. Keep up the great work. Have a great xmas and new year Selina

Gillian said...

Excuse me, but what fat are you talking about on the butt and thighs???!!! You look totally amazing Selina.
Have a fantastic Xmas and holiday break when you finally get one:)


Lia Halsall said...

I see great quads and ab definition Selina. Nice work! :o) xxx

LizN said...

I see someone in your future who will fix your posing..hee hee

Andrea said...

You are looking amazing Selina! makes me want to go and train my little (or not so little at the moment) butt off! Can't wait to run again...

Kristy said...

Your looking fantastic Selina. Great job! Makes me want to get back into it again (which I am organising)

SeLiNa said...

I get it from my mum Shar, she's always heaps excited by Christmas, so no doubt if I ever have kids they'll inherit it as well!!

Ta Pip - I'm having 11 days off (and soo not counting!) so I know how you're feeling...

lil rene - funny huh, it may look like that, but I have quite a short torso I thought. And stumpy legs. Maybe I do have a long one, that would be good :P

Ta Shelly, I need to learn to pose like you girl!! You looked HOT!

Gill - it's discreetly hidden. Trick photography :P LOL!

Lia - ta Lia, that's the legs I whinge about :P They aren't so attractive when there's a larger layer of fat on them! They're just 'big'.

Liz - tee hee and who would that be ;P

Andrea - I can just imagine. The want being there but the body just can't. Soon girl, soon :)

SeLiNa said...

Hey Kristy - posted at the same time as you :P Thanks :) You'll feel heaps better once your back in routine too. New year, new goals!

Kek said...

Wow, looking HOT there darls....and you're not bad either.