Wednesday, December 03, 2008


That's how I feel. I'm so tired of being tired and busy. I need to curl up in a corner and hibernate for a few weeks.

Had stupidly late nights last week getting some things done for Christmas that myself and a friend who has her own business are doing as Chrissy gifts. I have wrapped over 500 gifts up; and that is by no means an exaggeration, it's probably closer to 700. I had to have them all done by last weekend as I was away all weekend so no chance to catch up. GAH.

My boy and I both worked stupid hours last week and we were buggered, BUT we went out on Friday night (stoooooooopid idea). Ministry of Sound DJ was in town and we really wanted to go. 1pm was the curfew so we would have been OK for a 7am wake-up. Yea, right - got home at 3am, it was really good, we didn't want to leave. Woke up at 8am thanks to his mate calling us.

Drove up to Airlie, jumped on the boat and we were on the island :) It was overcast and not the best day. Drinks were on the company; I only had 2 cocktails and that was enough for then. Had a few more drinkies at dinner that night and we were in bed by 11.30am. Exhausted. Up early again Sunday, so unfortunately it wasn't a weekend of relaxation, we were on the go the whole time.

On the upside, the silver devils (aka scales) are in my favour, I came in yesterday at only .2 above my lowest weight which I hit last week. YAY! Still doing my best to power through training although my head isn't totally there, the muscles sure are. My back is sooooooore today.
Onward and upward. 2 more early starts then a sleep-in. Zzzzzzzzz

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