Sunday, December 07, 2008

RIP Mate

Our small yet very close-knit communities of the Road Runners, Cycling and Triathlon clubs are in a state of shock and disbelief this weekend. One of our most talented girls was killed yesterday in a cycling accident. I found out this morning and after getting over my initial state of shock, burst into tears. We weren't training partners - she was way too good for me - but we always had time for each other and had a chat at races.

When I found out she was in my age group my initial thought, all in fun. was "oh crap, why do I have to be against HER!" She wooped my butt in every race, but still always encouraged me... She got second to me at the Road Runners Presentation Dinner for our age group 18-34, but by default - she flogged me, but I did more races than her therefore accrued more points! Her triathlon committments didn't allow her to race every road run.

There was one road race a few months back on the same day as a triathlon. Our race course had us running past the marshalling area for the triathlon at the beach. I was struggling and tried to sneak past the tri guys (with a sudden burst of speed I might add) until she yelled out "GO SELINA" as she saw me struggling, and therefore drew the attention of all the competitors to me!

She did the King of the Mountain race for the first time this year and won the female division, wiping out the previous multiple winner. It was just another training run for her.

She was overall female duathlon champion. She was in training for her first Ironman next April. One extremely talented and dedicated girl. Nothing got in the way of her training.

She's from NSW and her parents are here to take her home for her funeral. The triathlon club is hoping to hold a memorial service, which will be a very sad event. So young - early twenties, so dedicated and taken way way way too soon.

RIP mate. We won't ever forget you or your dedication to this sport.


little rene said...

So sad Selina :(
I am sorry for your loss. We don't always have to be very close to people to be touched deeply by their passing. I am thinking of you xxx

RaeC said...

I agree with Little Rene. I am so sorry to hear about this young girl and the effect this has had on you. She sounds like the kind of girl that would have touched many lives. I hope she wasn't in too much pain and it there is any kind of bright spot in something like this it is that she went doing something she loved... too young and way too soon, but doing something she loved xxx