Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You Know You're Tired when...

1. You have to give your work phone number and you cannot remember it. I thought it sounded right, till I came back and checked. Oops.

2. You lock yourself out of your workplace. Keys inside a locked studio are no good.

3. You go straight instead of turning right at a major intersection and have to travel way up the road to the next major intersection to turn back around to go right. What was I thinking!


Tired - or maybe just going INSANE! ;)

If it comes in threes, my three stoopid things are done for today! :)

Today did have a few emo moments... Which ended up in frustrated tears.

But nothing that pumping some weights didn't fix. Why didn't I do that 6 hours earlier?! :P


gypsy77 said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does these kind of things!

I forgot my pin number today. Use eftpos all the time, but today, the numbers just disapeared from my brain.

Yep, GAH!!!!!!1

Cherub said...

I know what you mean, when I'm tired I can't remember words. Simple words like, "What do you want for............dinner?"

10 min power nap helps me.

Hilary said...

I definetely know how you feel - try feeling like that for the last 6-8 weeks or so!

Hope you get to catch up on some sleep soon.

Hilary xx