Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm so spoilt - I got sooo many more pressies from clients today, and they weren't all food!! A bottle of wine ;) , a beauty/body pack, a smelly candle along with more chocolates and rum balls. These ones are going to be given away - that's not rude is it?!
I also received a lovely card that gave me an "awwwww" moment. I don't mention work too much (other than to whinge LOL!) but it was so nice:

"My turn to tell you how fabulous you are. Thank-you for all you have done for me. You have changed my life as others have not achieved. I have re-discovered the athlete in myself - a little older but still more 'me' than the non-athlete."

We finished with bookings at midday and I did all the closing down stuff and was gone by 12.30pm :) YAY!! And did I mention - for ELEVEN days, and so not counting! ;)

Scooted to the gym for my last workout - I can tell Santa will be leaving me some severe DOMS tomorrow! :)

I'm off to mass tonite with the family, then to nan's house for her traditional Christmas Eve party :) First thing tomorrow morning will be a run (it's my tradition, I do it EVERY year) or if dad's keen for a cycle I'll do that :)

All the best to everyone for a very very happy and healthy Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones. I hope Santa visits - if you've deserved it this year ;)


LizN said...

I've had to give up the run since the kids have turned up - otherwise I would be up at 3am for it ..buggar - have a wonderful Christmas and can't wait to see you in Jan!

Kek said...

Merry Christmas - hope you have a brilliant day. LOL - you sound as excited as my kids!

Kristy said...

Merry Xmas Selina and have a fantastic day.

A run tomorrow morning sounds good. Originally I was planning on doing a run with the road runners here (they have a free xmas fanatics run tomorrow morning), but a little out of running and will be staying in the country tonight.

little rene said...

Merry Christmas Selina :)

I love to exercise on Christmas morning too! There is always a beautiful and special feeling in the air :)

Hope you got spoilt!

Hilds staying Fit and Healthy! said...

Hi Selina,

Just wanted to say well done! You look fantastic, you must have been working hard! I hope you have had a fantastic Chrissy.