Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go, hey ho the dairy-o, two weeks to go.

I bet you can't guess till what?! :P

Little Miss Anally Organised is disgusted at this year's efforts - I've done no Christmas shopping. None. NADDA. I keep putting it off now coz I know how busy the shopping centres are... but silly girl, they're only going to get busier. I have crowd-phobia. I hate crowds. I hate heaps of people. Especially ones that stop their trolley in the middle of a jam-packed aisle just to have a chat. GRR. But more annoying are the ones that walk so bloody slow. I'm on a mission alright?! M-O-V-E! (....Well that little sentence just took on a life of it's own didn't it! :P)


Laura's memorial service was held yesterday. It was incredibly sad. A memorial bike ride was held before it which ended at the church service. Laura's mum and her younger brother rode in it on her bikes. I thought that was so so so special, and incredibly courageous of them. It would have been so challenging. She was only living here for 2 years, but the church was packed to capacity and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The cyclist she did her final ride with last Saturday (and also performed CPR until the ambulance arrived) paid tribute to her at the service. She was in hardcore training for the Hawaii ironman, and he said her final ascent up that mountain (in which the tragedy happened on, on Saturday) was incredible - she was visibly stoked with her effort and he was in awe as well. Her training was paying off. He finished with, "I did my best Laura". That set me off. There were many, many more tributes to her. It's such a terrible, terrible tragedy; it's just not fair for someone so full of life to be taken so young. Sleep well Laura, I'll miss seeing the back of you getting further and further away from me in every race. (I never did beat you like I said I one day would) xx


I'm feeling 'healthy' with the spray tan I got last night. Although it was just a little intimidating having 2 people seeing all my bits. Ah well, the girl has to practise on someone, I don't mind donating my body. The first thing she said was "Ok, so you won't have to lift up your boobs for us". LoL. I was stunned - people have to lift up their boobies?!?! To get underneath in the crease of course. Silly me :P


Looking forward to the weekend - got a few social events, but don't tell the boss. I expect that the scales will NOT be in my favour early next week, but whateverrrrrrrrrr. Tis the season :P

PS: I saw a 4 on the silver devils again this morning :P 49.8, to be exact ;)

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Jehanne said...

Agreed on the whole crowd thing in every aspect mentioned!!!!
I have not done any shopping for christams yet either - I am thinking of waiting till after christmas for the sales as I am working on the mines over christams so I wont be around to give anyone their pressies anyhow... bonus.... ;)