Thursday, November 27, 2008

And then there were FOUR!

Weeks till Christmas :) I cannot wait.

Been flipping busy, so exhausted, but pushing hard for THREE more weeks then things will ease off in the Christmas week. I may even have a few days off - we'll all have our turn but we don't close through the Christmas period other than the public holidays.

Mid January I'm off to the Gold Coast and Brisbane for a week, that's my real break. I can't wait to just do nothing. Then four weeks after that it's Bali baby :) Until then though, heads down bums up!

Had a MAJOR break-thru with the silver devils this morning - I saw a number I've been aiming for, for a very veeerrryy long time! My goal was by this weekend, AND I DID IT! I really didn't think I would as I've been floating for about a month... not today - it was ALL MINE BABY!! Just in time for my boy's Christmas Party at one of the islands!!!! WHOOO HOO!! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. The next one is my Christmas goal, I'm sure the silver devils and I will have many more battles before then ;)

Have fun all, be good, work hard and play hard!


Lyndsay said...

Yeah!! Go girl!! Have the bestest time strutting in your 'kini on the island this weekend!! I wanna hear all about it.

Jehanne said...

Go chicky!

Gillian said...

Hey Selina,

Glad to hear things are going so well. This may sound ignorant but what are silver devils?????


SeLiNa said...

Ta girlies :) I'm a happy lil vegemite alright!
Gill - scales ;)