Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Weekend in Paradise...

We had an awesome time up at Airlie Beach on Friday night. It was fun to just get away for a night :) After work, I trained legs (not a good idea... read on), and we took off. Our motel was gorgeous right up on top of the hill with beautiful views.

It was steep enough driving up the hill to the motel, but once you get there, the driveway to our room, which happened to be the last one on the end, was even worse!! My sis and I kindly sent the boys off to get dinner for us. :) hee hee. They came back puffing and sweaty!! That night it wasn't a good look having to walk up and down the steep thing all dressed up!! Heels had to come off or a nasty accident would occur!! The way back up was torture for already sore legs and butt!!! Go those buns!!! :)

Here's mwa doing my best Posh Spice impersonation before we left... You kinda get a glimpse of the dress I'm so in love with... But definitely not the most flattering angle ;/

My sis and I doing the traditional 'in-front' shot!

The Awesome Foursome (yea I just made that up) on our way back home. We were back by about 1am, so an early night by partying standards! The Potbelleez concert wasn't too bad, I only knew a few songs though, and I didn't dance, preferring to 'take in the atmosphere' ;) Lots of people were dressed up for Halloween, I contributed by wearing black.

The next day we hung out at the lagoon and had lunch before driving home. Look at the 2 ghosts in there - can you tell we're very sun safe!!! LoL

And if those pics excited the pants off you - the rest are on facebook ;)


I did nothing for Melbourne Cup today. Nadda. In fact at 2.05pm race time, I sent an email off and the response was... "What are you doing emailing me at that time, are you not watching THE RACE?" LoL

There's no TV at work, I got the result immediately on the internet and I'm sure I'll see a replay or five tonight! I still put money on a horsey that did a great lot of NOTHING for me.

Hope everyone had a nice day! And there's no sore heads tomorrow...


Jehanne said...

haha - I didnt even know what time the race was actually on - oooohwaaahhh... so not into the melb cup - what a heathen huh

Lyndsay said...

You're looking pretty in your piccys girly!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Ooohhh! I want to go to Airlie Beach. Was the weather great!