Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just like a kid, I love Christmas (only 7 weeks and 6 days to go you know!), and of course I love Halloween :) I arrived in Canada on 31st October 2002, so our first night there was heaps of fun. They go all out. I had another Canadian halloween in 2003, complete with carving the pumpkins, kiddies trick-or-treating and attending a massive Halloween bash that evening. I just LOVE it!

So in 2004, in an attempt to bring the spirit back home, I had a Halloween party. The house was covered in cob webs, spiders and skeletons. I was dressed up, as were about errr... 5 others - one being my 2 year old goddaughter! It seems dressing up wasn't cool enough for the majority of the party. Didn't matter, I had heaps of fun anyway.

So again today, I'm dressed in all black, complete with cape and witches hat. I've made the other trainer wear a headband with spiders attached on wires - complete with tinsel. He's resisted all morning - I told him its non-negotiable. The client's are getting a kick out of giving him heaps for it. LOL.

I've finished with clients half-way through today, and I'm outta here! My boy and I and my sis and her hubby are heading up to Airlie Beach for the night. The Potbelleez are doing a gig up there so we thought it was a great excuse to go on a mini road-trip! (They play here tomorrow nite, but the venue isn't too good...) Tomorrow will be spent at the lagoon. :) Can't wait!

Have a scary day :P


Hilary said...

LOL I hope someone took a photo of you in your outfit today!

Have a fantastic weekend, the lagoon sounds lovely!

Hilary xx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Oh Happy Deadly Hallows Night to you Selina - and Selina is such a 'witches' name! LOL

Jehanne said...

oh I love it - who says you have to act your age anyway - BORING!!!!!
I bet your the kids loved it.

Lyndsay said...

Yeah - I wanna see pics!!

gypsy77 said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ahhh, just to get away, even for one night would be so very nice!

Kerry said...

I have a Christmas countdown on my phone. I love Christmas sooooooooooo much too.