Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversay to meeee!

Yesterday, 25th October was 4 years since I took over ownership of my business. Four years of hard slog, stress, tears as well as pride, satisfaction, great friendships and successes. No matter what career you have, there will always be something to test you, and you always come out stronger the other side. I wouldn't have it any other way :)


My shopping expedition with my sis was extremely unproductive. How hard is it to want a wardrobe stable - the Little Back Dress. I found dresses I liked, many of them, but did they fit me right or have my size? Of.Course.Not. Some size eights swam on me- of course there were no sixes in that particular style, then some eights in other styles wouldn't fit round my butt but the tens were like a bag! Consistency would be nice! ;) Lack of boobage is one of the major dramas - some dresses slipped straight down to my waist. Real attractive look! Anywho, it was a rushed trip as I had a hair appointment at midday.

I did walk out with a sexy pair of shoes - yes! I found some that fit!! - as well as P!nk's new CD, so all wasn't wasted!

And after going dark again, and getting some style happening, my hair is looking super-hot (at least until I wash it tonite! lol), if I say so myself ;)


Last nite was my annual Road Runners Presentation Dinner. It's fun to dress up and see everyone in 'real' clothes! I walked away with some bling - Club Championship 1st Female in 18-34 year age group :)

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