Friday, October 10, 2008

Time Out

Well my intentions which I mentioned a few weeks ago to leave work by 3pm on the days I don't do split shifts hasn't exactly gone to plan lately. More like 5pm and 6pm. Ick!

Yesterday was a 'downer' day when (to steal Doris' line) there was just too much mist. I got upset over small things. It was raining so I cancelled my outdoor group session (ironically it did fine up not long after). My day also turned to poop with one-on-one cancellations... and there were so many things I could have done, but no point starting when I had to pack it up for the next client. Just one of those GRRR days.

So I left at 12.30pm. And never returned. Smashed myself stupid on the spin bike - that felt good, then got all dolled up to head back into town for an appointment. Feeling so 'blue' I felt like getting all prettied up. I had my 6th IPL appointment - I'm so close to being hair-free forever!!!! I can't recommend IPL highly enough, it's sooo much better than the usual hair maintenance :) After that I just felt like going shopping. And spending money :) The one time I'm in the mood, of course I find nothing. Nadda. My bank account wasn't complaining though!

I felt de-misted by the time I got home. It was such a nice feeling. So again I must remember that it is a priority to take time out!!!!!!! Even just a few hours here and there.


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Oh go the retail therapy!!!!! I wish I had the time and money to do the same so! I know I would feel so much better if I had of done some serious retail therapy!

Kitty said...

aaaaaah a fellow IPL fiend. i'm on my fourth and i am loving it.

it's awesome yes? knowing me i'm going to take it all too far like usual and wind up looking like one of those sphynx cats from the neck down.