Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perfect End to the Weekend

As much as I didn't really want to - it's off-season after all! - I drove myself to where our informal, social, off-season training session was being held. It was a 10km full of hills. These suckers were huge, but I didn't stop once to walk as much as my legs were screaming at me to.(although I told myself that was acceptable, after all, it is off season... noticing a theme here?!). I haven't done hills for months, but all those spin sessions on the bike have definitely helped keep them tough ;)

We stopped at a park complete with park-style gym equipment, for a drink break, and the boys threw a challenge - no one was allowed to continue until we'd completed three chin-ups. I wasn't going to do it, gawd, I had no idea how many unassisted chins I could do, but almost everyone else did so I kinda had to. I stopped at six - and they were still feeling good, but I really didn't want to look like a show-pony :) So yay for me, I had no idea how many I could do! Nothing like a bit of a challenge to get the competitive side out!!

Big week coming up, I'm flat-stick with appointments tomorrow, but that's cool. I've scheduled time to do my own training... I've got a fight on with the scales this week, I'm going to show them who's boss :)

Have a good week all :)


Jehanne said...

hmmmmmm unassisted chins - I need to work on them - 6 huh - thats a great effort.

gypsy77 said...

I looooooove running hills! That sounds like a wicked run, 10km, whoa!!!!

But chins......I can't even do one. I should practise when at the playground with the kids. Geez, I'm there often enough!!!

ss2306 said... is my email Selina. Thanks heaps and heaps.