Sunday, October 12, 2008

So When's it Your Turn??

Last nite my boy's younger brother and his girlfriend announced their engagement. They're 22 and they've been together for nearly 5 years, just after school finished for them. So it was all very exciting and I broke my alcohol fast for a celebratory bubbly last nite!

Of course, as my boy is older than his brother, the questions came to us. Straight up his grandmother came out with:
"So is there anything you'd like to announce too?"
"errr... no. I wouldn't want to take the shine away from them anyway"
(Like how DO you answer that question when put on the spot?!)
"ahhh but you've gotta remember the clocks ticking"
"!#$%^&*()!#$%^&*()!#$%^&*!#$^^&" was all I could manage...

(Are you saying I'm OLD!!!!!) I laughed politely and walked away.

I'm older than my boy (yes, I have a toy-boy), but that made me feel ancient.

Tick tick tick tick.....


little rene said...

People are SO insensitive aren't they? I was with hubby for AGES before we finally got engaged and I used to get driven CRAZY by people not minding their own business!

I'm sorry you have to go through this as well Selina! I was almost NUTS by the time he did propose (and it was only after a virtual ultimatum from me) and it took me a long time to recover from it.My hubbys ridiculous problem was that he wanted to propose with a ring but he didn't have enough time to scratch himself let alone find a diamond and get it set. You should have seen the look on his face after we were married when I told him that he could have just bought the rock and proposed with it! Duh!

Anyway you have PLENTY of time! I'm 34 and just had my first child and it has all worked out perfectly!

F#*k other people and their rude comments!

Nicole P said...

I'm with you Selina - I'm getting Except she wants grandchildren. Being a grandmother to our dog just isn't enough.

My boy is also younger than me - I am his COUGAR :) Marriage, kids and all that will happen when it happens!

linda said...

grandmothers and mothers will do that! Just smile sweetly and enigmatically (lol- I think that's the word I want) and leave them guessing

Hilary said...

It never ends, trust me. People stopped asking us for a while, but we've been together for 9 years, and engaged for nearly 2 years the next question they all ask is "so have you set a date yet?" Then after you get married, I suppose they ask "so when are you having kids?", and then "so when is the next kid" etc etc until you go absolutely stark raving bloody mad!!!

No pressure, people!!!

Hilary xx