Sunday, October 26, 2008

But wait, there's more!

I did a quick squizz round a few shops today - the few that open here on Sundays - yes we're in the dark ages still up here, there's no Sunday trading for shopping centres! Aaanyway... after the 3ish hours yesterday coming up with nothing, I found it within 30mins today.

The Perfect Dress.

I tried on a kazillion, mostly with the same result as yesterday. You know the one you see on the rack and think "nah, not what I'm after, but I'll try it just in case"? Yes, well that one, the second last of about nine of them, was THE one. I found my partner in crime. So much so that the assistant said in true Paris Hilton style, "That's HOT", and had the customers she was serving nodding their heads with approval! Hallelujah! They were probably just as relieved as me! After all, they had seen enough of them!

I was in a bit of a stinker mood this morning, nothing like a little bit of retail therapy to shift the mood.


I also got a pair of denim shorts - another item I've been after - that don't make my legs look too chunky! 2nd big win!!!


At the same time my sister called me.... We're seeing P!nk again in Brisvegas next year!!! YEEEEEEEHA!! She got the tix today, all bought and paid for.

Gosh I've spent a hell of a lot of money this weekend. I think the fact it was my anniversary is good enough - can't have all work and no play - do you think?! ;)


Kek said...

Nice work on the shopping! So, was it black in the end?

And congrats on 4 great years...just imagine where you'll be in another 4. :o)

ss2306 said...

How'd your sis get Pink tickets when they don't come on pre-sale till Tuesday? Tell me please I'm desperate not to miss her this time.