Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Goal Review

These are the goals I posted up my this blog way back in January. Since we have less than three months left in the year, thought I'd better check out my progress! ;)

The red writing was my first quarter update in March, I mustn't have been feeling very enthused about the whole goal thing in June as I didn't bother, and in green is this 3rd quarter...


To take the studios to a new level
Working on it... baby steps. Unfortunately the floods slowed things down in many businesses considered 'luxury' - beauty, hair, fitness, but we're getting there!!
Yea baby, things are going really really well :) It is that time of year after all when the panic sets in!!

To cut back my hours – realistically I cannot work 14hour days forever.
And I have!! However now I feel like I'm not busy enough!!!! Of course.
Err yes, that did work pretty well for a little while. Still working on that ;)

To take more time out.
Yep... as per above.
Well not really... except with I had bloody hives!!!!!! Forced time out ;) My BIG time-out adventure is coming soon, more about that another time!

To implement some different training sessions I’ve been working on.
YUP!! A few different processes are going through right now :)
YES YES YES!!! Finally got council approval for outdoor sessions in the park AND doing corporate training at their premises which is heaps of fun. Definitely an avenue I want to continue to pursue :)


See all those run times to the right, they’re all gonna get smashed!!! ;) I’m working with a trainer who is KILLING me in training. My times aren’t breaking any records at the moment, but consistency and the WANT will get me there. Realistically – the longer distance times can improve, but the shorter ones may just hold their place on the blog board for a little longer!
Well I was right with the consistency and the WANT will get me there comment! I've blown myself away with results! My 5km PB still stands, but surprisingly I gave it a thorough shake-up a few weeks ago! A second-fastest PB can count ;) Some course PBs have been broken though! Yay to me!!
Better results than expected for that!! Smashed my 10km, 3km, half marathon times, all sunstantially! No more races this year, so the rest will stick on the board till next year :)

To do my first triathlon!! It’s coming, in March!
DONE!!! And loved it!!!
Done no more since, and haven't planned to. Not till this sinker can learn to swim anyway!! Next March when the same weeny one is on again and I'll give it another go :)

To get my shoulder sorted out for good.
Currently in progress! Yea.. sorta happening. I'm sick of babying it...
Yes, except it can't really get all that 'sorted' without surgery. Will be a loooong process and lots of kilometres of strapping tape but beats surgery in my books :P It doesn't prevent me from doing much so it's not too much of a hindrance.

To respect my body, feed it nutritious fuel, and it will perform better and stronger.
Yes, I'm feeding it LOTS of fuel... does sugar count ;)
Definitely doing better with food. I love it, I just know when to stop now. Most of the time ;)
I've smashed some PBs with the weights lately, so optimum fuel is doing me gooood :)

Gotta be happy with my efforts for 3/4 of a year!!

Crap I can't believe it's only eleven weeks till Christmas on Thursday! It's going tooo fast! So much to do, so little time!! Including organising my wish list of course ;)

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