Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Away :)

Hey guys,
I'm finding it hard to make time to update my blog, and then when I do, write anything of interest! So it doesn't appear that I've been 'napped or so no one 'worries' about my lack of posts, I'm simply going to go MIA for abit :)
A LOT of stuff is happening in my life at the moment, and some decisions have to be made very soon, so never a dull day :)
I'll still email and check on everyone's blogs....coz I'm addicted to that!! LoL
To leave on a fitness note - I've taken a leaf out of Hilary's book and I've started doing gym classes again. I'm still getting over my chest infection, so I was POOPED from body step yesterday. My lordy, I've forgotten how much fun those classes are. I just might get hooked again, it's been about 4 years!!! ;)
Anywho, I'll be back here and there, and still 'spying' on you all :)
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaa


Hilary said...

We will miss your posts Selina!!

Good to hear that you are enjoying those cardio classes again - makes the time just fly doesn't it?! Good luck with everything that is going on with your life!

Hilary xx

Hilds said...

Oh I like reading your blog! But great to hear your enjoying the gym classes I'm going to get back into them too, I need a bit of variety. Good luck with everything. Luv Hilds

Amy said...

I'm going to miss reading your blogs!! It must be the time to go back to classes because I have been too and loving them. Hope everything is ok and you sort everything out.

Love Amy

jodie said...

I am with everyone else - I will MISS YOU! :) I know all about time management, and sometimes the blog has got to be a low priority. Do what you gotta do.. but know this - people do miss you.

Jodi said...

Will miss your posts Selina!!!! Hope everything is okay, sounds like business is doing well for you so that is a good thing being so busy!!!!

Take care and I hope your chest infection clears real soon!

Rebecca said...

Good luck with everything and hope all is well. We will all look forward to you coming back for a visit :)


Selina said...

Hey girls, thanks for you words!

I WILL be back, just as Jodie said, need to work on time management, once a few things settle down I'll be back to update all that's happening with me!!

Suzi said...

u can get back on the wagn so to speak selina - we all love reading other peoples posts. good luck