Monday, October 02, 2006

BLOODY MAGPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess my title tells the story for today!! I was out running yesterday bright and early, there were three runners about 10metres in front of me, then another two about 20metres behind... but guess who the magpie decided to pick on.... MWA!!!!! I was cautious of the area... concentrating on any movements from trees, but as soon as I let my guard down (my short-attention span leaves much to be desired).... SWOOOOP. Luckily for IT, we didn't connect, but my scream would have been enough to wake the neighbourhood at that hour. And would have provided some early morning entertainment, if anyone saw it.
My heart rate never quite recovered after that, the surprise and the adrenalin kick, PLUS the mighty sprint to safety saw my heart rate up to 230bpm. That, or my HRM was in shock as well! I had to walk about 100m to settle, as it was quite uncomfortable. After all that, the run ended up 4kms along the beach and was really really relaxing, although it was getting HOT quite quickly. All in all a 50min run in total, 448 cals melted off :)

I then came into work for four hours to play catch-up, before heading back home to get some decent music onto my i-River. Now I'm all set for another few months :) I had to take a client out for a session yesterday, and I thought she deserved a hard one ;) so off to Killer Hill we went.... hmmm well, let's just say I hope I haven't lost a client! ;) LoL. She had fun (and no doubt will be taking her hubby on a 'surprise' walk), I burnt another 260 cals, so all was good!

My sis and her hubby got home from Tahiti last nite, but we haven't really had a chance to catch-up as they were exhausted! She's already hinted that she bought us pressies... ahhh don't ya just love family going on holidays ;) It's like your birthday allll over again!!! LOL

Have a great week guys!!



Alicia said...

Ahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry I shouldnt laugh :D I copped the same thing a couple of weeks ago when I was walking through the local park. I had my iRiver in and thought someone was throwing rocks at my head until I turned around and saw this magpie hovering above me.


Kaddy said...

im still trying not to piss myself laughing atthe swooping bird coz i knowit's not funny, but your recount of the situation certainly was :) !!

i also picked upon your short attention span... huh... me too...drives me nuts... staying focused for me is a work out in itself :)

hope u get some wicked pressies!! xxx

Jodi said...

Those bloody magpies are bad in mackay aren't they, I was only talking about them to mum yesterday, I used to get swooped at EVERY morning at work were I used to park my car - always used to make a run for it my high heels - yes it is a funny site to others isn't it??? Certainly isn't enjoyable at the time though, they really are scary and annoying!!!

Selina your silly!!! I have been buying sugar-free syrap from coles for the last 12 months!!!!

Hope you get some good pressies oh yeah you look really nice in the photos too!!!

I'm sure your client loved the challenge of the hill!!!

Beach run would have been beautiful as it has been to die for weather hasn't it??? I have been working on my tan!!!

Hilds said...

I'm glad everyone else is laughing (sorry I know its not funny!) but I can just picture you screaming and running madly to escape the magpie, quite funny for anyone looking on but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time! Good luck with dodging magpies!

Kek said...

The trick is apparently to wear a hat with big eyes painted on top of it.... I'm serious, it scares the buggers off.

Of course, it would totally spoil your cool image, but you can't have everything. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Darn magpies!! At least you burnt off lots of calories, LOL.

Hope you get some nice presents too!! Yay.


Selina said...

THX Alicia and Kaddy!!!!!!!!!!! It's bad I know, I can't help but giggle when I see people being swooped. I feel so sorry and embarassed and concerned for them, but it just looks funny! Aren't I horrible!
Jodi - I SO never knew that Coles has always stocked it! I ALWAYS looked!!!!!!!!!! You must have bought them all every time I checked ;) I agree the weather is GREAT. I wish i could tan, bring on the fake stuff for me!
Hilds - you're back!!! Thanks, I'm now a pro bird watcher.... I can keep an eye on them from a mile away!!
Kek - Yes, I'm tempted.... *thinks* nah, i'd rather be cool ;)
Bec - That was the highlight, the burning of the calories, sprint training like never been done before!!!
Oh and I did get a lurvely resorty-looking necklace from my sis :) That was so nice of them, Tahiti is very $$$$$$$. Lunch apparently cost them $60... for a bottle of water and sandwiches!!!! ouch!