Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm back for a post!!!!!

My work computer has a very nasty bad virus :( I'm at home right now, when I SHOULD be at work!! I use MSN Messenger, and my friend in Canada messaged me with "Pic of U and Me" and a link.... Well she does that sort of stuff all the time anyway, so silly me not even thinking twice, clicked on it, and well, that was it. Obviously it wasn't really her, it was the evil virus - she was infected by someone else -, and while I was shutting the thing down, it then sent the same message to all in my contact list who was online. I really hope no one did it, or just like me, they're stuffed!! So just a warning guys, if anyone gets a message from anyone like that, DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!!! I do have virus protection, but it wasn't enough for this nasty one. :( On Wednesday I called a computer tech in to have a look, he played around for 2 hours before throwing his hands in the air "I don't know how to fix it". He took it away to the shop and I was promised to get it back Thursday morning..... then Friday morning..... it's now Friday afternoon! I'm scared most of all of how much it's costing me........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive learnt very quickly how much we rely on our computers these days!! I was agitated all day just because I couldn't do 'stuff', I felt so lost. On the flip side, you should see how spotlessly clean the office is, and the miscellaneous filing that has been shoved to the side for a long time, actually got paid attention!! I'd done all I could, so I packed up and came home to catch up on emails and blogs, and well, coz I have a lil 'spare' time up my sleeve, thought I'd send yas all a warning.

What else, what else.... I'm still loving doing step classes. I also did a 30min 'taste-tester' RPM class on Sunday and loved every second of it!! It was my first, and I expected to be soooo sore, but disappointingly my legs and butt didn't feel a thing the next day! Buns of steel, baby ;) But, oh my crotch is bruised.... I still don't think I could comfortably sit on a bike yet!!! LOL

My best friend had a little bubby girl at 1am Thursday morning :) Little Breanna is beautiful. She looks sooo tiny!!!!!!!! My friends stories of childbirth have scared me off; as small as she is, she still looks so huge to have to squeeze out!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Well best be off, going to train soon, and have a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV before I'm up early for a nice 10km run :)))) I LURVE weekends!!!!

Hope you all have a good one!!!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Selina,

Nice to have you back :) Sorry to hear about your computer, that sux. I hate it when the computer packs it in, you really do realise how much you simply 'need' it.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am sooo close....

Chat soon

little rene said...

You are amazing Selina, describing g a 10km run as "nice"!

There are lots of things that I think are nice but running that far is never going to be one of them! LOL!

Hope your computer problems are solved soon :)



Hilary said...

Thanks for the warning on that email Selina - and I hope your computer problems are fixed soon!

Hope you had an awesome weekend and enjoyed your run!