Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I'm so freaking sore! All over my body. I trained legs on Sunday then did a BodyAttack class, and I must say the plyo track in there SUX after training legs!! lol
I'm still sore today, but it's all for the greater good, so I tell myself.

I trained chest on Friday nite, and my left side is still very tender as well, I'm thinking I may have pulled something, it's not just DOMS but a weird feeling as well?! The joys of keeping fit!!

But wait, there's more!!.... ;)

Unfortunately my right elbow is really painful atm. I've suspected for year now that I have slight tennis elbow; it cracked up this time last year. I feel it in everything, reading a book, typing too long, training, I can't escape it!! In January however I had a nice long three week holiday, and that really helped it. But it's 'that time of year again' where my body is just worn out; my back is always sore and tight, even with monthly chiro treatments, my shoulders are always tender from the strain, and I'm just breaking down! LoL I'm getting old!!! Unfortunately boxing with clients is the most painful on my elbow, so I'm having to go light on that at the moment, and of course that's everyone's favourite warm-up!

Well I had no intention of making a whingy whiney post, but thats what it sounds like doesn't it!! I just need to hang in there till Christmas, when I get a mini-break, then I'll be bouncing back full of life!!

On a sadder note (can I GET much sadder?!), I've had a big 'thing' happen in my life this week which has left me saddened and in 'no-mans land'. I'm dealing with this my own way, at this stage, I'm still quite numb and the changes haven't really quite hit home yet. I will mention more when my head has sorted itself out a litte more. I am Ok though, I will be fine.

Enjoy your Wednesdays, each day is one more closer to Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEHHAAAAA I LURVE christmas!!!



Alicia said...

Give me a call if you need to talk :D

Kelly said...

Hope your Ok Selina with your 'thing'. Hang in there and hope the DOMS wear off soon.

Hilds said...

Hi Selina it sounds like you need a well deserved break!!!! I hope everything sorts itself out for you. Keep Smiling Luv Hilds

Rebecca said...

Hi Selina,

It really sounds as though your body needs a well deserved break. Give yourself a week off for Christmas :)

I hope that everything is ok, hang in there.


Kek said...

Here's a big hug for you, gorgeous - > ((( ))) Hope you're back to your happy self quick-smart.

If you want any advice on the tennis elbow front, email me - I'm an expert...unfortunately!

Hilary said...

Selina I hope everything is ok - stay positive... sending you some happy vibes....

I'm here for you if you need to chat.

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

Someone else like me - 3 months when I train heavy consistently i was having so much trouble with both my elbow joints and wrist joints. Had to stop training for a little while because it hurt so much, it got to the point where I could even put my hands to the floor to do a push up.

Must be the 26 yo itish!!!!

Sending positive vibes to you and with whatever has happened I hope you stay strong.

Big hugs.

Amy said...

Big hugs to you selina- hope everything is ok. I'm like you i can't wait to christmas comes so i can have a few days off.

Love amy

Jodi said...

Hey Selina, I really felt privledged to receive your post on my blog, I did a reply to it.

Today I had a really good fortune, I could profit from it myself but do you mind if I send you an email about it first since I know the person you are and you live close by. I have your email still from when I sent you one about the hens party....if you don't want me to I understand, I will only send one email to you about the information as I don't want to invade your privacy. You may have a certain opinion about me due to previous circumstances but they would be different to what you actually know.

Again you might be interested in my email to you, I only want to give you a bonus if I could!!! But if you don't want me to email I totally understand. Having someone who knows reads your blog in the same town as you is pretty scary isn't it!

RaeC said...

Are you nuts??? Body Attack after legs??? I can't even walk down stairs after training legs let alone do a Body Attack class afterwards!!

On a more serious note, I hope that whatever is going on in your life works out for you and that your injuries heal soon. Live strong xxx

jodie said...

Hey Selina
I hope you are doing OK. Thinking of you and you know my email addy so drop me a line if you wanna 'chat'.
Hugs and love

Selina said...

Alicia - ta babe :)

Kelly - DOMS gone, 'thing' doing ok :)

Hilds and Rebecca = Chrissy here soon, body can relax a lil bit

Kek - ta, that was the bestest virtual hug I've ever had!! THE elbow is OK, I do member now that you've had it though.... shall be pestering u!!

Thankya Hils - vibes received, :)

Hey Jodi! - YES YES YES, elbows, wrists, damn joints, so inconvenient when they don't want to play along. Having the heavieness of the weight on my hand with bench press is enough to make my wrist cry :(

Amy - alls good thanks. Sounds like we're all needing a nice break!

Jodi again - Course babe, email me whatever, whenever :) Yes it is a bit weird isn't it, as the places/things I talk about or you talk about, we totally know what each other means!!!! :)

Rae - yea, I HAD to do the attack class, as much as my legs didn't want to cooperate... I got there, then wobbled outta the place!!

Jodie - thank you :)