Sunday, November 19, 2006

I made a discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeeellll aren't I just a genius!! I discovered just now, that when I do my training in the morning, I am fine for the rest of the day food-wise; if I don't, I might as well just put a chair in the pantry or fridge and sit there all day!
Its the dreaded weekend - dreaded for discipline that is - and, I had a sleep-over with goddaughter last nite, so didn't make it to attack/step class this morning. That usually sets me up for the day, I'm pumped up and passionate and nothing can put me off eating right.
But, errm, that's not the case today.... I look in fridge, I swear at me, I walk away, only to repeat the cycle in a half hour!! I'm driving myself inSANE!!!!!!!!!!! And nothing in the fridge changes in a half hour, but I'm just draaaaaawnnn there by a mysterious force! LOL
So here I am, side-tracked, only to post about it, ARGH!!!! I've brought home a bucket-load of work to do, so thats next on the agenda to keep me busy :)

Turns out my chest soreness in my left side from my last training session two Fridays ago, is actually an injured musckle. How on earth I did it, or when it actually decided enough is enough, I'm not sure, but I am sure it freaking hurts when I do the wrong movement!! So unfortunately chest was neglected this week in training, but all the other lil body parts were hit :)

I had an 'emergency' with work yesterday morning, which resulted in me having to rush in there at 6am, therefore forfeiting my 10km run with other road runners. I was not a happy lil girl, as that's another session that 'sets me up' for a weekend of perfection. All got sorted, client was happy, it was a win-win for everyone :)

As previously mentioned I had a sleep-over last nite with my friend and goddaughter. She had her dancing concert last nite, and there is nothing cuter watching a 2 and a half year old dressed as a Flintstone, wiggling around on stage then blowing kisses. My heart just melted!! She looked like a living doll with all her make up on, and refused to speak a word after her lipstick was on, just in case in rubbed off!! I have the most gorgeous pics to post when I get them :) And she loved Aunty Eenie sleeping over, and scared the bejeezuz out of me when she woke me up!! I jumped so high, that I scared the daylights back out of her as well!! LOL

Enjoy the rest of the lovely day, and have a happy and successful week ahead!!!



MvN4wRd said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good ending to your weekend! I would just LOVE to have sleep-overs with my nieces and nephew but, unfortunately, they live in Michigan and I live in Oklahoma.Oh well... Someday!

Good job! I'm sorry to hear about your injury. Wish you a safe, full and speedy recovery!!

Hilary said...

Ha! You sound like me... my mum used to say "Stop swinging on the fridge door - there's nothing in there now that wasn't in there an hour ago!"

Early morning training is great for setting you up for the rest of the day isn't it? Makes you feel great before the day really starts.

Your injury sounds a bit painful, hope it gets better soon!

Hilary xx

A Girl Running said...

I am the same, I get my exercise out of the way in the morning and I do well for the rest of the day

Selina said...

Hey mvn4wrd - thanks for popping in to my blog and leaving a comment :) The sleepover was heapsa fun, I can't believe how much energy a 2 and half hear old has!! Injury is only minor, all better now - at least i think!!

Hils - Yep, my mum says that too. And ya know, i get it from my father, I see him do it all the time. It's not my fault, its in my genesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon - u too, thanks for poppinig in :) Only way to do it. Plus you don't have the opportunity to make up 100 excuses to NOT do it!!