Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK WE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!

At netball that is. Was the sudden death semi-final, and we lost. Down by 7 at quarter time, 3 at half time, 7 again at 3/4 time and lost by 15. When the opposite team got on there roll, they really rolled! It didn't help as one of our strongest players went off in the third quarter with an injury :( But no excuses...full credit to them, they are a nice clean team. So that's it for me with netball this year! Frees up 2 evenings a week to............... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!

I have to start doing speed sessions and more interval type training instead of always plodding along at my same slow pace. Hopefully I will improve on some of my current PBs :)
My next run is the "magic mile" this Saturday. I HATE this race with a passion!!! Although it's short.... it's a sprint and it really really kills me!! Id rather do a slow 20kms!!! My time from last year's event was 6mins30secs... It will be interesting to see what this year's is like as training has been hampered nearly all season with injuries! There will definitely be no four minute mile from me though!!!! ;)


Hilary said...

Booohooo :( Sorry to hear that you lost. But like you say, it gives you much more time to run!

Good luck with your race on Saturday, you never know - you might pull out a great sprint and do awesome!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Sorry to hear about the loss, but as long as you put your whole heart and everything you had into it, then it was worth it, and not really a loss!! It could quite have easily gone the other way. It's the same with competing... if you have put 100% into it and don't come home with the trophy, you have still won anyway. You won as soon as you qualified!!

Good luck tomorrow with the magic mile!! xxx

Shar said...

hey Selina

I bet you can pull a four and a half min mile out of the hat!!! :)

Still following your blog, will have to e mail soon!!

good luck for the 'sprint'
Shar x

Selina said...

Hey Hilary - yes nevermind, we only missed out on an extra game anyway, now I get more time to do me stuff! Thanks for the race wishes.
Rae - we were really not expected to do that well, so to simply come third on the ladder and qualify for the semis was a major accomplishment in itself :)
Shar - hey stranger! LoL at the four and half min mile!! Glad to see you're still a reader, we will have to catch up properly!