Friday, September 01, 2006

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I greeted all my clients with today!! I'm definitely a QLD gal, I like the warmer weather!!
I went to the gym this evening, and oh my lordy I'm gonna be so damn sore. My lats are still sore to touch from Monday, and although I love it, I'm over it!!! I did chest and tris a little lighter tonite, coz I really can't be sore in the upper bod for the sprint tomorrow. Regardless, I'm gonna hurt.......... that's what 4 weeks off will do!! *slap on wrist*
Oh i also did shoulders, but by then I was just wanting to feel the pain, and they are verrrry tired, typing here is fatiguing!!

I received a very powerful, sad, disturbing email about a drink-driving campaign. If every single person read this, I swear there would be no more drink-drivers EVER. Some of you may have read it... it anyone does want a squizz, let me know your addresses. It's playing on my mind; very strong visuals like that do that to me, and I feel so extrememly sorry for those involved. Drink-driving is a passionate issue of mine (as is most peoples), and reckless driving, as there have been so many instances in my family and friends circle that have affected us.
oooooooooooo Gotta run, the national league netball final is on now!!



Kelly said...

Thanks for your well wishes Selina, it good to have so many people drop by and leave supportive msg's. Lost hey? It couldn't have helped with the injury though. It'll great to have your nights back i'm sure... but it's still sad, like an empty feeling. Do you have a netball trip to look forward to?

Selina said...

Hey Kel, we don't do crazy netball trips or anything!!
We have a presentation nite - which this year is a day one - where we might let loose, but nothing insane :) It is a bit of a shame that it's over though, as the team isn't going to be the same next year. We're losing our GK, GD, C/WD, WD/C and I'm possibly 'retiring'. We did finally play as a team and had a great year, next year we have to rebuild AGAIN!