Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Butt is Sore!!!!

Well, I've had a great week of exercise, I love having the routine back. I made that promise to myself when I was ill, and I feel great for it. I put it off for as long as I could, but Monday am I was in the gym training legs. It's Thursday and it's still ouchy. I just eased into it by doing 4 medium weight sets on the leg press (well what was once medium, needless to say was then heavy!), followed by lunges and plyometrics. Yep, I'm sure you can imagine, ouch ouch ouch. I took a panadol to get a peaceful sleep that nite, as leg DOMS always keeps me awake during the nite. I've had all the smart comments possible for hobbling around like a cripple! I had to play netball Tuesday nite - just a fun game - and it took a while to warm up, but the whole time my musckles reminded me how unimpressed they were!
Wednesday I did......... hmmmm ??? Oh nothing :P
And I just returned from a torturous warm run/walk. It WAS a run, until I found the hugest hill this city has and was reduced to a walk up it to be greeted by some lovely staircases which I ran up, then down the other side of the hill, turn around and repeat. I forgot to wear my HRM, but my heart rate would have been almost off the richter scale! It was lovely. I then ran a lap of the lake to get back to my car and came across a fellow road-runner (a GOOD one) and he ran back with me at my snail pace, I felt bad but he was content to stay with me, but all the same, I picked the pace up a bit. I'm back showered, and feeeeel great!!!!!!!! Ready to re-start the day with another block of clients :)
Hope everyone else is feeling, energetic, enthused and excited!!!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weeks :)



Kelly said...

Good job Selina... I have one of those hills behind my house, how good do you feel at the top? Do you get stiches going down the hills? I get them in exactly the same place each time I run.


Hilary said...

Its great to see you back into it Selina, its such a good feeling isn't it?

Hope the leg DOMS eases up soon, its funny how you can be crippled for days and days, and then one day you get up and its like "hey, where did the pain go?" :) Makes going to the toilet much easier!!

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

That would be high st wouldn't it Selina!!!! :-) and yes it is a killer!!!! I haven't replied to a couple of your questions on my blog so I will now - I get my veggies from Veggies Unlimited or the markets on Saturday morning. And no I didn't get the shirt made up I bought it from Supre!!! Glad to see your butt was sore - don't you love that!!! Makes it feel nice and tight and not jiggly!!!

Jodi said...

can you email me that drink driving email too.....

thanks heaps!

Selina said...

Kel - At the top... I felt like I was gonna throw up!! (wouldn't have it any other way), Going down... I don't get stitches, I just have to really hold myself back as I'm still wary of my knee. Not sure what that could be!
Hils - Yah, great to be back! Legs are still a lil sore, it's now friday, but it all begins again on Monday!!
Jodi - LoL, i KNEW you would know which hill!! hehe It's about the only one here with decent size isn't it! I always struggle to think of new routes for runs to keep me interested and challenged!
of course, veggies unlimited! Can't beat em! And supre for the shirt! I think its so cute!

Kaddy said...

"sing - i like sore butts n i can not lye"... it's wicked huh!

i even think getting beaten is a gr8 thing coz it pushes u!