Sunday, September 24, 2006


The craziness hasn't yet stopped for me! After the wedding last week, the celebrations went on for a few days. I only worked for 2.5days as my best friend was up from down south, so we did girl stuff for a bit. Amongst other things, we went to the movies to see John Tucker Must Die. We knew what we were in for, and it didn't fail to live up to it!! Quite a teeny-bobby fun film.
But of course, a few days off work leads to triple the work when back... *sigh*
Today I spent up at Airlie Beach helping out as timekeeper for the "'Great Whitsunday Walk' Run"...
As I was one of the "promo" girls (LoL that sounds better than it is... I was simply photographed for the information leaflets for it... u can see on the link above), I was SUPPOSED to be in it, but due to lack of training with my few injuries this run season, couldn't, but did my part to help. It was quite exciting, the current Female World Long Distance Mountain Running champ, Emma Murray was a competitor, coming 4th overall, and 1st female.
The first male through today has previously raced the Empire State Building race in USA coming second!
The second male today was a good friend and fellow local road-runner. We're all soooo proud!!
I can actually give you times and all, as I was the timekeeper... LoL And, don't I sound every part of the star-struck spectator!!! hehe
Anywho, the trip up and back made for a long day, so I gotta bolt and get everything organised for the big week ahead!!!
Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!


Shar said...

Hey Selina

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and the muntain of work will get done AND your training! :)

E mail soon!!

Glad you had a few good weeks of fun and relaxation! You deserve it the way you work!

Shar x

Kaddy said...

that sounds like so much fun!~ am cracking up still over the post about brussel sprouts and am feeling sorry for any future children you may have :)

the pic with the BFL guy - what were you up to? was it a course for work?