Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Sneak Peek....

Just starting to get some pics emailed through. There's many more to come I'm sure!
Here's a preview... I'll be back at some stage to update!!
(Im in pink btw) :)


linda said...

Hi Selina-this is the first time I've left a message on your blog but I have been reading it! You all look gorgeous in the pics-there's nothing quite like a wedding- all that glam! Where was it? It looks like a great backdrop.

jodie said...

Gorgeous!!! What a great looking wedding party. You and your sister look heaps alike. I hope you had a great day - looks like it was.

Rebecca said...

You all look awesome, what a wonderful day you all must have had. I wish your sister all the best. Hope you had a fab week!


Kek said...

Hellooo, Sweets! Told you you'd look gorgeous. :-) Didya get to breathe?

Selina said...

Hello Linda and thanks for your comments!! I'll be checking your blog out too :) The wedding was at a church, those pics were taken at our Botanic Gardens and at a beach :)
Jodes - Yup, no one can mix me and my sis up now coz she wears a wedding ring!! hehe It was an absolutely fantastic day :)
Rebecca - thank heaps, I felt awesome too!!! ;) Week was great
Kekky - LOL I DID breathe, AND eat, AND drink, AND dance AND the dress didn't pop!!!!!!!!!!