Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day with their daddys and families today :) We're off to lunch soon, I'm hoping grilled fish is on the menu!
I had the mile run yesterday, all 1.609kms of it! Who would have thought such a small run would hurt so much. It was a new course, beside the beach on the grassed area - with lots of tree branches, alcorn looking seed things, and tree trunks to dodge - it was more like an obstacle course!! We had to do 2 laps of an 800m course marked with cones. It was soooo windy as well as being overcast and rainy, so great conditions!! I ran a miserable 7mins23... almost a minute slower than last year!! That's what lack of training does! Having said that, everyone ran slower in the conditions. I did get 3rd open female overall though, so scored myself a $25 dinner voucher from the sponsoring tavern. Then I was fortunate enough to win another $25 dinner voucher in the random drawer!! I missed out by one draw on winning an accupunture voucher, but I'm still happpy, I rarely am lucky like that!
Anywho gotta run get prepared for lunch :) xoxox


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the lovely post. You must have such discipline being a personal trainer :) I feel so slack sometimes but am trying to listen to my body. Massage should be good though.

You are doing so well with your running. I live near the beach so was thinking I should start running along there again. You are very motivating!! I guess I should take baby steps first.


Selina said...

Hey Bec :)
PT or not, I am human and struggle at times to do what i KNOW I'm supposed to do! LoL It's the pleasure/pain factor... The pleasure of feeling/looking better always wins over the 'pain' of actually doing the exercise!!
Def must listen to your bod, or you may run the risk of injuring yourself!
Running is very calming I find, especially if you have 1023456 thoughts per minute going through your head....