Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Had to add my hot-boy pic as well!! Any excuse to see him back on screen, oh and Kekky, the pic with the wonderful Jenny H!!

Kaddy, if you wanna know what Filex was all about, it's the Fitness convention for fitness professionals. Over three days we could attend our choice of inter-active sessions/lectures/seminars etc to update knowledge and accrue CEC points. The Fitness expo is held in conjunction with this, with lots of free goodies, protein shakes and bar samples... well worth it ;) There is one held in Sydney (the BIG one), Melbourne and Brisbane. I attended the Sydney one in April this year. Actually the link where I blogged about it is here... (hope this works)
I don't think I got that to work right....Well the post on the 26th April (second one down) in Archives is a quick run-down, much like I just said here actually! LoL

So Me - Great week, had an impeccable day on Monday with food. Spent freaking hours cleaning here at wor, so that's my cardio :P Tuesday was great as well, I did a 45min outside cardio class and burnt 280 cals according to Mr. HRM... WHOOO HOOO. Food was great as well! Today I went to the chiro for my monthly adjustment and he always recommends a walk to help it along.... I hope Killer Hill counts!! LoL I spent 45 hot minutes in the sun doing that!
Right, that's my check-in all over red rover.... I'llll be baaaack!!
Enjoy the rest of the week!!


Hilary said...

Cleaning can be good cardio cant it! Not as fun though, I'd take the boring-est of cardio over cleaning any day!

Killer Hill sounds nasty... at least you got to work on your tan? I think I need to do that actually - I'm white as a ghost!

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

You look gorgeous in the wedding pics when is it your turn ;-)

You'll end up with dodgy ankle if you keep climbing that hill Selina - you must be a sucker for punishment!!!! Definately couldn't get a better cardio workout then walking up that really should take a pic from the lookout so all fellow bloggers know just how bad it is!!!!! People would be impressed!

Kek said...

Yay! I got you in focus AND in the centre of the pics! *gives self a gold star*

In your explanation of Filex, you forgot the bit about how I taught you everything I know about getting freebies out of the exhibitors (shh - no telling, or there'll be less for us next year!) My collection of free bars, gels and other "stuff" was mind-boggling!

Actually, I believe I still have some....

Shar said...


You sound like you are steaming throught the week!!!?

Right on track for Saturday!!

Remember I'm counting on US!!!

Speak Soon
Shar x

Selina said...

Yes HIls, I just lurve cleaning, I had no idea so much dust could accumulate over a week *sigh*.... BUT when it's done it feels great!!
YEs after exercising in the sun, I'm a little more freckly ;)
Jodi - Thanks for the nice comment, as for my turn.... no time soon!! I'm married to my business. And yea, I've been meaning to take a pic of High Street hill and the view at the top for a few weeks, but every time I forget the camera... then I can't be bothered carrying it. hehe
Kek - yes, you're other other other job could be a photographer, they were just spot on!! HEHE Yes i certainly did learn from the master didn't i!! As for that stuff... I STILL have gels of various flavours, and heapsa protein powders and MRPs. Don't know when I'll ever use them!
shar - Saturday is gonna be a BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be in touch as soon as i know!!! :)