Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FOR KEK!!!!!!!!!!

As you kindly reminded me, you never saw my pics from Sydney!
So better late than never, here's some Filex shots from April.

Me and Mr Body For Life millionaire, Aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm

Me and Mr Sportblitz Ironman Grand Champ, Jay B!!! Mmmmm (aminoZ.com.au)
Look at the size of his arm!!!!

Us being rebels and skipping one of our classes relaxing in the sun ;)

U and me after BOSU class (or was that a coordination test?!?!)
in our lovely matching LJ tops!!

Hope all the captions match the pics!! LoL, u can work it out :)


Kek said...

Well, took you long enough! Nice pics, Girlfriend! We don't even look all sweaty and red-faced after that BOSU workout. Always good to see more photos of muscular hunky guys too. :-)

So where's the one of you with Jen Hendershott?

Selina said...

hehe yea im a lil slow kekky ;)
Me and Jenny H... umm actually I posted that back in April if you're keen to go thru my archives!! It's with another one of me and Aaron at the EAS stand :)