Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Naughty Naughty!!!!!!!!

Look how long it's been since a blog!!!!!! One hen's nite and I'm out of whack for a week.
It was a great nite, my sis had heapsa fun which is all that matters :) Thanks for those who emailed the suggestions for games!! We were in combat theme, and everyone looked awesome and got involved with it :) We started with her bridal shower (the other bridesmaids live out of town so did it all in the one nite), she scored big time!! Then onto the "real" part. My legs were wobbly after one drink.... how sad!! I'm not a drinker but if I can't for her hen's nite, when can I be!! I gave her her "gifts" then we did the quiz/questionaire on Michelle and Greg - of which Greg's mum won! We played pass the parcel - the parcel being a clean shot glass to be dunked in our punch bowl of green sludge and "shot" (it was simply vodka/jelly shots that hadn't set!) Hilary - your game with the cork and water and candle was a cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(After a few drinkies tie a cork attached to a long piece of string around waist. Need a cup of water half way down the room, and a candle at the end. Must run and not using hands, dunk cork in water then run and put out candle). It was hilarious.... I came dead last, so much for my 'athletic' ability!! LoL We eventually got into town where my sis had her tasks to complete... she did good!! As for getting her first drinks at every bar free, she did better... got a jug for all of us as one stage!!! When we were out I realised how much I DON'T miss the partying life! Oh, plus the fact I felt soooo damn old!! LoL Anyway a great nite ended at 4am Sunday :) I will post some pics, they are great!
Soooo of course I was a write-off last Sunday. I wasn't sick or anything, just felt like crap, from drinking and lack of sleep! Then that dribbled over to Monday, to Tuesday.... So it was a self-inflicted crap week last week!
Alls good this week so far :) We have our netball final round game tonite. We have somehow gone from about 5th to third... if we win tonite and the 2nd placed team loses, we jump to equal second. Semi-finals are next week, and depending where we end up on the ladder, hopefully we can get to the final!!! First place is waaaaay in front, they flog everyone, but 2nd-5th place is so tight, we have beat them all, but have also been beaten by them all! The team we play to nite has in the past month recruited a former national league player for the Firebirds. Obviously in our comp she is a stand-out, but its exciting to be on court with someone of her standard! Small things......... :)
Gotta run, will do my blog cruise this week and see what everyone's been up to!!!!
Have a fantabulous week :)



Tracey said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time!

Amy said...

I was started to wonder where you have been!! Missed reading about everything. I'm glad the hens night was a blast.

Love amy

Kelly said...

Good luck Selina. I'm thinking of you with your final. Netball is supposed to be fun I keep telling myself!

Selina said...

Thanks for your suggestions Tracey!!! :)
Amy, I'm still hanging in there. Naughty alcohol, ruined my week ;)
Hope your doing well too :)
Kelly - ta chick!! Unfortunately we sucked last nite and went down by ELEVEN!! That's bad bad bad, so unfortunately we end up in third place. Semis start next week!