Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nice butt Shar!!!

I love this pic... Shar and other girl congratulating each other, but check out the look on the first-place getters face. She was shellshocked and had that look on her face for a good 5 mins at winning!! Too funny :)

Back to Real Life :)

I had a great time in Melbourne! Went into the city on Friday - unfortunately the weather wasn't the nicest. Saturday was comp day. I went to the IBO coffee catch-up before heading to it. Got to finally meet Sue, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly, Kerry, Ali and Natalee. The comp was great - being my first one I was a bit awe-struck! I briefly caught up with Alicia again, had a chat to Lia, and finally met Shar!! She was awesome on stage. She's a little pocket-rocket! And congrats Shar on your Best Routine award!! All the girls on stage looked great - and that's an understatement.

Sunday I flew home, but not before going on a bit of a field trip into Kinglake National Park with Kerryn. Was cold, was veeeerrryy cold - the kind of weather I was expecting all weekend! Pic is here.

Very tired when got home, and although I fought off my cold/flu the whole time I was there, it's hit a bit harder now, but at least I was healthy enough down there.
Boofhead me left my camera down there, so can't post pics I took, however Kerryn sent me home with a heap on disc.

I had heaps of fun, Kek fed me well ;), saw lots of wonderful ppl, couldn't ask for more!!!


Ali said...

Was lovely to meet you Selina, have a great week, it is bloody cold here in ACT!!


Kek said...

Your camera's on the way! And your brolly. :)

Lucky you didn't stay a few more days - it's FREEZING today. Stay warm and fight off that bug!

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time, sorry to hear it was so freezing!! Cant wait to see more pics when you finally get your camera back!

Hilary xx

Sue Heintze said...

Great to finally meet you in person!! It was a great weekend, glad you enjoyed the show. I hope you have managed to thaw out :)

PS You have a bug too??

Mandy said...


Hey chick ... just saw your comment on Miss Lauren's blog ... I am still here ... just kinda wussed outta the whole blogger'sphere there for a while ... have only just resetup my blog but will get into it again shortly ... have been keeping up with you girls and all your adventures though :-)

Mandy xxx

Kerry said...

Hi Selina,
it was lovely to meet you too and I am so sorry I left you off my list. That has been fixed now.
Comps are awsome aren't they. We had to leave before the evening so missed all the announcements. the Pics you post of Shar are great.
Next time you are in Melbourne you will have to check Ambience out.